BNOC of the year 2016: Heat five

You know you love them… xoxo

Here are some more big names you all know.

Annie Brooks


Annie is known by everyone and anyone… but not always by her first name. Some of you may know her as ‘Chip girl’, and she can be found at netball pillar every Wednesday.

She was the successful winner of ‘Twat of the Year’ for C.U.N.C. She lives by the rules of sharing is caring and was seen wearing a nun costume whilst representing the club in AU Has Got Talent. Whilst on tour in Spain with the club, she yet again won Twat of the Tour for being carried back to the hotel by a tour rep, after having one too many VKs.

At the AU ball, she impersonated someone and went up to have a picture while collecting their award. It goes without saying that this girl is a BNOC, who spends her time exploring Tinder instead of fulfilling her social sec commitments. She can be found looking for the love of her life at the Lash.

Christian Lally


Chris is a cross between Harvey Spector (the self-obsessed lawyer in Suits who thinks he’s better than everyone else) and Elle Woods (the blonde Harvard grad with chihuahua in hand).

Chris can be found on every single society’s committee at Cardiff University, checking his LinkedIn and dancing the night away in Pulse – all at the same time! He manages all of this whilst cherishing his beloved chihuahuas through the cold, bitter nights of Cathays.

It’s an honour and a surprise that he has any time to go out with his mates while he suns himself during his monthly getaways to Greece and Malta… in frosty November! This man, who was described as a “best friend and life coach” by his nominator, deserves to be BNOC 2016. Whether he has a free minute to personally receive the award is anybody’s guess.

Laura Cox


Laura is as Northern as they come. She is bright, bubbly and always up for a laugh.

She can normally be found living it up on a Revs Tuesday or dancing energetically on the balcony at the SU. When she’s not partying hard she can be found serving you drinks in various venues around Cardiff including the Millennium Centre or representing her peers on the German student rep board.

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Is there a Big Name on Campus you would like the nominate? Send an email to [email protected] and include your nominee’s full name, a paragraph about them, and some pictures. We only have a couple more heats before the final!