BPOC: Mr. Wigglesworth the sausage dog

My landlord has no idea

I’m sure I’m speaking for more than a few of us students when being at uni really makes you miss your dog. From the way their little faces light up when throw that slobber drenched tennis ball across the room, to the fluffy cuddles on the sofa while watching TV in the evening.  Well there is a solution to this heartbreaking issue. This solution comes in the from of the website BorrowMyDoggy.com.

Loved by all housemates

The 12th member of the house

On this website myself and all 11 of my housemates were introduced to our newest furry friend; introducing this week’s Big Pet on Campus, Mr Wigglesworth (but we just call him Wigs).

Our house is his home away from home where he comes to visit if his owner is having a busy working week or is going away on the odd weekend trip. On his first visit he was pretty shy around new people, but he soon became much more loveable to the point where he follows me around so much that he sits outside the bathroom door when I’m in the shower.


Too cute

There’s nothing Wigs loves more than a busy afternoon playing fetch in Bute Park. Once you throw that ball once, you’re trapped playing fetch all day. If you dare stop throwing the ball he makes sure he shows his disappointment with cheeky barks or exaggerated whimpers. Anything to get his own way really and it almost always works – who could resist those big brown eyes?

When Wigs is tired out from playing fetch all day (or maybe a more impatient housemate has ‘misplaced’ his ball) there’s nothing he loves more than curling up on someone’s lap and watching TV.

At the end of the day when its time for bed, Wigs knows his place. He runs straight upstairs and jumps onto the bed and curls up under the duvet next to your feet. There is no telling him otherwise. Who needs a boy/girlfriend to keep your toes warm at night when you have a companion as cute as Wigs?