How to dress for every night out in Cardiff

Don’t worry, your style fairy’s here

Term two is coming to an end. Memories of drinking, stumbling, and dancing have combined into a wonderful blur. It’s time for your favourite night out and you have no idea what to wear. We hear you! We we can tell you. Then let’s party.

Monday: Bump and Grind, Buffalo

Think hipster, think indie, think festival. Anything alternative goes. If your patterns aren’t mismatched you should probably just go home. Boys, think expensive vintage sportswear. Girls, crazy leggings or Mom jeans from Topshop. Make people believe you actually are that cool and that edgy. Maybe even throw in a baseball cap, and a t-shirt for a band no one’s heard of but you ‘swear by’.


If you’re not wearing a hat who are you?

Tuesday: Sync, Revs

If you’re a girl, you better be in heels and a bodycon dress, because you do not want to be lost in the crowd amongst long legged 6-inch platforms. Your contour is insta-worthy, your eyebrows are fleek, you’re ready to buy expensive drinks and push off needy boys all night because you are a goddess. Boys, you need to wear a shirt, something branded, and it better be tucked in, you’re not in secondary school anymore, and you better be in something black.


All black or move on Jack

Wednesday: The LASH (Yolo) 

There are only two outfit choices when it comes to society Wednesday:

  1. Dressing up as the social sec’s decided theme
  2. A shirt and an expensive tie that you really don’t want to lose (so don’t tie it around your head?)

If you’re not repping a society or sports club, why are you even here? Your lack of dressed up really sticks out. And we can tell you haven’t done initiations. Please leave.


Society Social or Bye Bye

Thursday: TNT, Walkabout

Walkabout is an odd one, somewhere between Glam and Buffalo. But, you don’t care where you are, it’s basically the weekend. Girls, we’re in Cardiff, it’s cold. Everyone will be wearing high-waisted skinny jeans and a crop top. You’ve walked all the way through town to be here, the queue is mad, and you’re going to spend time choosing a takeaway on Chippy Lane. You have to be warmer. Boobs out and legs in. Boys, you’re probably rocking a fraying t-shirt and the same jeans you’ve been wearing all day.


Anyone can rock the covered look

Friday: Smack., Glam

Smack. is kind of like Revs but tackier. You are in a pink night club for goodness sake. Boys, out comes your newest polo shirt. There’s nothing special about Glam, but you’ve still got to pull. So make sure you’re coated your hair in shiny hair gel because that really gets the girls. Girls, you need to think like Revs, but more hair product, it gets hot in there and you’ll cry if it frizzes. Pile on the make-up for the same reason, no one wants to sweat off that foundation. Remember you haven’t even been to Glam if you don’t take selfies in the bathroom’s wall of mirrors.


Don’t forget those selfies!

Saturday: Live Lounge

If you’re not in the Union then it’s Live Lounge

You end up in Live Lounge because it’s the end of term. Your budget only includes drinks and not entry and it kinda sucks to be you. But nevermind. You can dress like you just got out of bed because you’ll only be rubbing shoulders with the best of the locals. It is the perfect place if you can’t get into another club or want litres of wine for very little money. Have fun.


We’re here for the booze