Meet the super flexible ladies of the CU Pole Sport Club

No, it’s not pole dancing.

Pole Sport is often seen as a euphemism, I suppose, for Pole Dancing. But, it’s not – Pole Sport is exactly what it says it is. Cardiff University’s Pole Sport club has 360 members, making it one of the biggest clubs in AU. Surprisingly however, they’re one of the most unheard of, the most controversial, but the most fun. So, to sell it to you, meet the flexy Committee Members of the Pole Sport Club.

Lois Jones, Treasurer and Competition Coordinator, Accounting and Finance

Flatline Scorpio

Lois doing a Flatline Scorpio

Home town: Bangor, UK
Interesting fact: her first language is Welsh
Why did you begin Pole Sport?: “I began Pole because I wanted to try a sport I hadn’t done before”
Any dance or gymnastic background?: “None at all!”
Why is Pole a sport?: “I think Pole should be considered a sport because I actually feel like I’m going to die after each lesson – I can feel my muscles aching after!”

Beccy Sandberg – Equipment and Competition Coordinator, Law and Sociology 

Extended Butterfly

Beccy doing an Extended Butterfly

Home town: Petersfield, Hampshire, UK
Interesting fact: “I have qualifications in gemology”
Why did you begin Pole Sport?: “I began it because it looked like a fun way to get fit”
Any dance or gymnastic background?: “I did stage school, but it was a running joke there that I can’t dance!”
Why is Pole, a sport?: “Come to one class and I dare you to say it’s not hard. It’s a sport because there are more six packs in that room than in the rugby training sessions at the gym”

Lily Robinson, President, English 

Brass Monkey Bridge

Lily stretching out in a Brass Monkey Bridge

Home town: Cornwall, UK
Interesting fact: “My middle name is Peach”
Why did you begin Pole Sport?: “I started Pole because I’m not very good at team sports, and I’ve done lots of dance previously, so I thought pole would be a good combination of dance and sport”
Any dance or gymnastic background?: “Yes, dance”
Why is Pole, a sport?: “It should be considered a sport because it requires immense physical strength and dedication in order to improve because of the bruises and various aches and pains”

Emily Voisin, Events Coordinator, Law and Sociology

Emily doing a Spatchcock

Emily testing her limits in a Spatchcock

“Everyone should join Cardiff University’s Pole Sport club! We volunteer, we have regular socials, fitness classes, routine classes, Pole Tour, and we compete! #teamcardiff. What’s stopping you?!”

Here are some other photos to keep you keen…

Half of the Pole Sport Committee.

Half of the Pole Sport Committee.

'Russian Layback'

Emily doing a Russian Layback

'Circle' the two Events Coordinators of the Pole Sport club.

Emily and Lucy, the two Events Coordinators doing a Circle