A stranger allegedly interrupted one of the Cathays attacks by taking a photograph

The witness told the court he was ‘suspicious’ of the man following the young woman

A man described as a “good Samaritan” allegedly interrupted a rape after he became suspicious and took a photograph.

Remus Hamza pleaded not guilty to a rape during Freshers’ week in December. Lee Neill allegedly saw Hamza, 40, and the victim after seeing them walking behind the National Museum of Wales. Mr Neill told the court he was “suspicious” that “there could be sinister goings on”, and subsequently took a photograph on his phone. Because of the sudden flash Mr Hamza ran off believing Mr Neill was the woman’s husband, a jury was told.


The attack happened near the National Museum

Prosecutor Claire Pickthall told the court the alleged victim, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was “heavily intoxicated” and could not remember the rape. Romanian national Hamza admits to having sex with the woman but says it was consensual.

The incident, which happened after 2am on September 20th, was one of three sexual attacks in the Cathays area within five days. The woman was last seen leaving Pryzm after losing her friends. CCTV footage shows her walking past the Hilton Hotel and under the subway. Mr Hamza can be seen following her, until the pair go out of sight.

Mr Hamza told the court he was on a walk at midnight after finishing work. He said he had come across the 20-year-old and grabbed her bottom and kissed her. He then told the court he led her to a bush were they then had consensual sex.

Prosecutor Ms Pickthall said: “The prosecution say these circumstances amount to rape. He was preying on single drunk females. The fact (the woman) was so drunk made her an easy target and she was in no position to consent to sex. She had lost the ability to engage with sex. Sex with a stranger behind a bush, who she had not spoken to or laid eyes upon. In having sex with her in that state, there can be no doubt the defendant raped her. He did not reasonably believe she was consenting to have sex with him.”

The trial continues.