Five Thesiger Street girls robbed of Macbook and charity money

The burglar had to climb over 11 garden fences


A house of girls living on Thesiger Street have been robbed of a Macbook and money.

The girls realised they had been burgled after four of the five residents returned from the Vulcan shortly after 9pm.

The robbery, which is thought to have happened between 7-9pm, occurred while the girl who didn’t go to the pub was in her bedroom.

Missing the laptop

The robbery didn’t dawn on the girls until one of them wanted to do some work.

Sarah Murray, third year, said: “My housemate, Amy, went to get her Apple laptop to do some work but noticed that it was not in her bag on her bed upstairs where she had left it.

“Panic permeated throughout the house.”

Unfortunately they then realised that there was another theft.

Sarah said: “Our other housemate arrived home at this point and she discovered that cash she had on her desk had been taken.

“It was only £20 but it was charity money for Broadway Dance Society, so it was a real shame.”

A MacBook

The Thesiger Street residents believe the burglar came through the back of the house as the french doors were left unlocked, and there appeared to be no forced entry.

They called the police immediately, and were told that they would be over shortly to take statements from the girls.

The back door was left open

Sarah said that the support from her landlord was exceptional.

She said: “In the meantime our landlord, John Winter, came over to check that we were all okay and wait for the police to arrive with us.

“We really appreciated him coming over at 11pm as it was great to see a familiar face after all being so shocked by what had happened.

“Our experience has taught us the hard way to never have the back door unlocked, regardless of whether there is somebody in the house or not.

“We’d encourage everyone reading this to do the same to protect your house and your belongings and ensure that this doesn’t happen to any more students.

“It’s horrific when it’s you.”