What do the Welsh and English really think of each other?

Don’t mention the rugby

After creating one of the biggest divides during the Rugby World Cup, we wanted to know what students really think about the opposing nationality.

This rift in the Cardiff uni community has created numerous awkward silences between housemates, many misunderstandings due to dodgy accents and not to mention floods of tears during the biggest upset in English rugby history.

So what do they actually think about their fellow students?

In the English corner we have….

Sarah, 19, Psychology

Paul, 20, Archaeology

Olivia, 21, Social Science

Alex, 20, Journalism

Tom, 19, City Regional Planning

And from the Welsh side…

Jack, 18, Maths and Physics

Meghan, 20, Social Science

Oliver, 18, English and R.S

Glenn, 20, Business


As 20-year-old Englishman, Leo, puts it: “We are better than them anyway, so why on earth would there be rivalry.”