Bachelor of the week: Aidan Weston

He’s kind of a big deal

Ladies of the ‘diff gather round, and prepare for your hearts to break with this week’s most eligible bachelor, in the form of History and Politics second year Aidan Weston.

When Aidan “has his shit together” he is a secret genius. As a dedicated Conservative activist he may ultimately follow in the footsteps of DC one day – he once even got a selfie with the man himself.

Imagine the family photos you could take at 10 Downing Street.

Nights out are a slightly more scatty story for Aidan. He has (arguably) “conquered” the 3 litre box of wine at many a pre, however the “refusal of entry” tally continues to grow.

He once even got escorted home by a policeman for his impressive levels of intoxication – you can’t knock a guy for trying. He needs someone to hold his hand and ensure he makes it home from his adventures – he may even share half of his kebab with you if you are lucky.

Its not all work and no play though, Aidan’s adoration of snuggles will be repaid to you the next day. A hangover day for Aidan doesn’t exist without a load of fat scran (or food to you and me) and a viewing of one or two Disney princess films.

Aidan uses these times as a soul-saving outlet in restoring his faith in humanity after a messy one at the SU.

Aidan on the right looking piff

Date Aidan and you’ll get the best boyfriend wardrobe around. Who needs oversized tops when you can share his selection of fluffy slippers? Brownie points if he ever takes you home to his Mum who gives them to him each Christmas.

There is never  a dull moment with Mr Weston, and many a story to be told whatever the situation, so you are sure to be entertained.

Like the occasion he did a half hour walk of shame in last night’s Toga, or when he passed out in the courtyard in Freshers’ after locking himself out of his flat for the fourth time.

Silly boy. At least your relationship will be interesting.

Aidan needs someone to replace his teddy BNOC who is currently his little spoon. He once even made it out more times in a week then Aidan himself. If you think you could be the Dory to his Nemo send us a message and we’ll sort you out with a date to remember.