What have the locals been listening to over summer?

They like house now


Quintessential club bangers. Tunes which forever remind you of what it’s like to be a young and drunk. The time you threw up in the Glam toilets, shuffled your way across the Tiger Tiger dancefloor and lost a shoe in Walkabout. The times you live for.

Freshers in Tiger Tiger

Do It Again – Pia Mia feat. Chris Brown & Tyga

Paying homage to Jamscian artist, J Boog, by sampling Let’s Do It Again, Pia Mia’s track has a girly but upbeat R’n’B vibe.

Cardiff DJ, and local legend, Daron Probert,said: “I play this at peak time whilst it’s new, but I don’t think it’s strong enough to have the staying power of other tracks in this genre.

“I’ll be surprised if I’m still playing this in a month’s time.

“This is almost too girly for the boys, but nevertheless, they will dance because they know the girls like it.”

Regular clubber Rhys Richards, studying Video Game Development in Swansea,  said: “I much prefer the J Boog version, it’s less heard of compared to this popularised version.”

Intoxicated – Martin Solveig & GTA

Intoxicated has been a summer anthem for many. It’s easy to see why – it’s catchy, energetic and upbeat, just full of chill vibes.

DJ Daron said: “I play this track at peak time during every set at the moment. The nature of the track lends itself well to a peak time slot.

“Someone will normally cheer when they recognise it… but not always. People always dance to this, it sometimes pulls people up to dance.”

Talk To Me – Nick Brewer feat. Bibi Bourelly

Nick Brewer’s R’n’B/House fusion seems to be pleasing the early crowds.

Daron said: “Classic 90’s sample track. The sample makes the track in my opinion.

“I’ve been playing it early doors to warm the crowd up. It’s a melody that everyone knows, which means even if they don’t know the current version of the song, they will instantly recognise the sample.”

Liv Dixon, an English and Media second year, said: “It’s a pretty groovy remake of ‘Gypsy Woman’ that makes me happy when it’s on, because I know what song it is, so I can sing and dance along to it as well.”


BBC1Extra’s top track is so new it’s literally impossible to get a hold of. Daron said: “None of the local DJs I’ve spoken to yet can get this song. So, even though it may well be popular with the Cardiff market – it certainly isn’t being played in the clubs just yet.

“Sometimes it just takes time for these tracks to filter through.”

Oust Every Weekend

Daron says David Zowie’s dancefloor filler House Every Weekend is still one of the most requested tracks in clubs at the moment.

Locked Away – R. City feat Adam Levine

R. City and Adam Levine’s collaboration is a down tempo, melodic track.

Daron said: “The fact it’s quite down tempo is the reason I’ve not played it as yet.

“If I were to play it, it would most likely be played early doors or towards the end of the night for that reason.

“It’s something for the crowd to sing along to, but not something that’s really going to set the dance floor alight.

“It sounds like a bit of a love song essentially, so I’d expect some couples to relate to the track and perhaps have a “slow dance” to it later.”

Tee Moyo, an English and Drama second year, said: “I think it’s a catchy song, something to have a dance to. It’s a good love song, the hoodest love song after Trap Queen.”


Intoxicated slow dancing or not though, this track and the other musical choices in this city are on fire, but of course it would be, we’re hotties.

Photos: Tiger Tiger Cardiff