Finishing uni is a complete anti-climax

There’s no one to play with


Three years of library sessions, hangovers and no responsibilities and I’m done. Over 15 years of education, just like that, finished.

When I printed off my final essays I expected the ASSL to erupt with applause, to receive pats on the back and to be cheered out of the library for the last time. But there was no sign of a victory dance or confetti. Where were you guys?

11, 200 words later…

Don’t get me wrong the bottle of wine I drowned myself in to celebrate was more than enough and I’m not envious of my flatmates plodding off to the library whilst I watch Leo as Gatsby in my dressing gown.

But to say finishing my degree was an anti-climax is an understatement.

With everyone still revising, there’s no one around to play. I feel in limbo, waiting for my friends to finish so we can truly celebrate and with my family at work and school all day, even home is not living up to expectations.

People say only boring people get bored but there are only so many episodes of Jezzer Kyle you can watch before you start wondering if you’ll be the one shouting at the camera in five years time.

Where is everyone?

Chillin’ out, maxin’ relaxin’

Studying English Lit I’ve always finished earlier than everyone else, but this time it’s different, I’m actually not going back in September. I can no longer just say what “I’m going to do after university”, I actually have to go and do it. I’m not even 21 and I have to decide where I want my life to go.

Do I apply for job after job and head to London to destroy my soul or just sack it all off and go find myself on a gap year? Yes I have my whole life ahead of me, but where do I start? No one prepares you for the post-hand in panic about the prospect of life in the big bad world. The monotony and disappointment of applying for graduate opportunities have long since began but now I’m ‘officially unemployed’ it’s a more pressing matter.

What’s the point when you send 60 emails and get one reply? Or when all graduate jobs require experience, how do you suppose I get that experience when you’re all asking for it?

The scariest thing of course is that they’ll be no more week day trips to The Lash, it will become socially unacceptable to drink a whole bottle of £3 T&A wine at pre drinks and I’ll work the nine hours a week of uni in just one of five working days.