Bachelor of the week: George Atkins

He’s a DJ and everything

This week’s bachelor is George Atkins, a 3rd year Journalism student at Cardiff University.

Look at those decks.

George is a musical soul, with his stage name of ‘DJ Akinse’ helping him to reel in the groupies at the likes of Buffalo and Undertone…you can see him in action by downloading his EP (trying to help out with the student lifestyle).

Or if his beats aren’t quite your thing, you could catch him pulling a pint at the Woody.

He likes a tipple as much of the rest of us

George is the self proclaimed lady’s man of Roath, and is often found in club smoking areas “chirpsing” girls until they take his number. He is a cheeky chappy and always has a smile on his face. His housemates have admitted their concerns that George will struggle to cope after university without the love of a full-time girlfriend and would particularly like to find a girl that can provide him with home comforts and give him some well needed tender loving care (he still calls his mum three times a day.)

His housemates need someone else to give him his supply of cuddles

Rumour has it that George is particularly fond of ladies sporting “big knockers” in the words of his housemates, and upon recent inspection of his internet history it has been discovered that he also has a secret soft spot for Russian and Ukrainian ladies, so if any international students fall into this bracket please feel free to apply.

George has an array of talents, and one of his proudest achievements to date is holding the title of “Dudley Schools U13 200m Champion” circa 2005 – which he reportedly will not fail to mention on a first date. Watch out Usain Bolt.

Young George is even domesticated, and regularly contributes to BBC Good Food, so he’ll probably whip you up a gourmet feast if you play your cards right (but only if you do the washing up).

He can even rock a hat.

If this array of talents isn’t enough for you, George can name every capital city in the world and recall them in order of population size – so he’s a good egg to have on your team in a heated game of Articulate.

If you fancy meeting this cheeky chappy for yourself, why not have a search for him around the Roath area – you never know, he might even let you have a go on his DJ decks.

(With big thanks to George’s housemates Ollie White and Joe Howell)

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