Sorry, who? Aaron Chalmers and Jordan Reed among shit club appearances this term

This could be Glam’s most predictably bad line-up so far

Another academic year begins, and yet another batch of z-listers are set to descend on Cardiff.

Jamie Laing, Aaron Chalmers, and Jordan Reed will all be paying a visit to Cardiff this freshers’- and they’ll be dropping into Glam, to sit in a booth and do nothing, throughout September.

Jordan will be showing his face with other members of The Valleys on September 21st, Geordie Shore newbie Aaron arrives on the 28th, and MIC’s Jamie returns to the Welsh capital on the 30th.

Prepare yourselves, as many of these appearances can expose more than just IQ levels.

And it’s a mixed bag from Glam – in a flash of brilliance Glam have booked the house music legend MK for October 1st, just days after they’ve welcomed the UK’s the reality stars.

Etienne, an English Literature student, said: “It’s a shame that people with zero talent are used to draw other people with zero talent and zero brain cells to clubs.

“They should be able to sell themselves without resorting to gimmicks.

The time Spenny got with everyone at a Nottingham club


It’s not the first time Jamie Laing has visited Glam. And it looks like reality TV stars can’t get enough of students, either. Last year, the self-professed Casanova of MIC Spencer Matthews shagged a student in Birmingham and was caught pulling almost an entire club when he made an appearance in Nottingham.

When Geordie Shore’s Scotty was a fresh face to the show, he was caught on “pull-cam” slipping out of Newcastle’s Legends with a girl on his arm. Maybe Aaron will cause the same stir upon his visit to Cardiff?

Business Management student Tegan said: “I wouldn’t see Aaron as he’s new to Geordie Shore. He’s not interesting.”

Sam, a Politics student, said: “I have no time for any of them. If they disappeared completely I wouldn’t really mind.”

So it sounds like there’s a tough crowd waiting for them in Cardiff. Will you be part of the frantic mob waiting to greet them? If so then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be part of something you’ll remember forever. Like disappointing missionary with Jamie’s pal Spencer.