The Ten Reasons Why Cardiff Definitely Is The Best City To Be Young

Recent polls have ranked Cardiff as the best city for youths, The Tab looks into why it’s such an irresistible place to live.

Job Satisfaction and Earnings


70% of Cardiff residents love their job and on average manage to bag £21,585 per year, compared to £21,326 nationally.

Spare Cash


The locals manage to save 41% more than the national average, which adds up to £231 per month (that could buy you 21 hearty Nandos!!!)


200567122-001 Money British

Rent’s slightly cheaper too! Londoners dash out £1,110 per month, but you can live for £804 per month.



All this savings and extra money means you can travel more! In 2012, Cardiff rail commuters were ranked the ‘happiest in the country.’



Cardiff City loyal football fans will be overjoyed as they’re beloved team has secured a position in the Championship this year for the first time in the past 51 years! And that’s not even touching on the rugby mad capital.

 Destination Capital


Cardiff was ranked at #6 for ‘Best Trips of Summer’ in 2011 – above exotic Honduras and beachy Portugal.



Shockingly, rainy wet Cardiff receives more sunlight than fashion destination Milan as it’s one of the flattest cities in Britain.



Two words: Welsh Cider

The award winning Gwynt Y Ddraig’s cider is much stronger and tastes better than its national and international competitors!



Music lovers would be delighted to know that Cardiff houses ‘The Oldest Record Shop in The World.’ Spillers Records in Morgan Arcade sells vinyls, ranging from Rock to Jazz.



Artsy readers should be excited as Cardiff houses one of the best Impressionist art collections outside art capital Paris. The National Gallery boasts works by Monet and Van Gogh