Uni Mum: Keep Calm and Don’t Panic

Cardiff’s surrogate mother offers the Freshers some much needed guidance to get through their first year

Let’s be honest, we all know moving to university is a nerve-wracking experience

Being thrown into student accommodation can be very unsettling. Saying the goodbyes to your parents and being left sat alone in your room piled high full of stuff is a sad moment that we all face. It is important to know it does get easier, all the people you are living with are in the same boat and are looking for an easy way to settle in. The first 2 weeks of University is all about getting to know your surroundings, living a little and making a ton of new friends. Granted the latter is not always easy, but don’t fret my freshers as there are ways that make the process easier and a little less scary!


For a start it is important to make a good impression with your new flatmates, as you don’t want to live a whole year resenting them nor them you! The best way to look at it is be yourself, at the end of the day you will meet people that you will simply not get along with, it happens. The main thing is to try and be as social as possible with your current flatmates, this will make life a lot easier and less miserable.  Even if clubbing is not your scene, trying to make an effort with those that do will make life simple and soon enough you will find the people who you click with perfectly and want to live with next year.


Throughout your university experience there are going to be the “Big Nights Out” and there is always the worry of going too far with the cheap club nights. A lot of people become drunk and disorderly and some even end up paralytic and in hospital. This is a key situation to avoid! For a start you are more likely to blow away a good portion of your student loan on booze and also you will forever have the embarrassing gold star on the halls puking chart. This actually happened to my housemate during first year and her parents saw that she had been admitted to hospital for over-indulging in booze, via the chart. Very awkward situation indeed!


There is no foolproof formula for first year as only you can shape how that goes, just remember to grab the bull by the horns and go with it, your first year depends on you. To some it may be the best year of your life, to others that might be your second year but no matter what happens have fun and enjoy university as well as remembering to work hard!