Elsie & Arthur: Cardiff duo set up clothing brand

Entrepreneur student starts clothing business with £8k from ex-Dragon Doug Richard

A Cardiff Uni student has formed a clothing business after receiving £8,000 from ex-Dragon’s Den investor Doug Richard.

Jack and Allie modelling their range

Jack and Allie modelling their range

Journalism student Allie Lawson and her business partner Jack Williams have set up their second business, a clothing brand called ‘Elsie and Arthur’.

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The brand’s iconic logo

The duo says that the initial inspiration for Elsie and Arthur was “born on a long car journey”.

Although both are students in Wales, Allie and Jack insist their hearts are in the practical side of business, rather than in academics.

Elsie and Arthur do mens clothing too

Elsie and Arthur do mens clothing too

Their first business was selling secondhand textbooks to students when they were at college, a far cry from their current project with Elsie and Arthur.

The brand is designed to be a collection of affordable but high quality clothing including cashmere sweaters, silk scarves and floral dresses.

Lauren dress £29 at www.elsieandarthur.co.uk

Lauren dress £29 at

Visit the website at elsieandarthur