Live: Welsh Varsity Match 2013

The Tab’s Viktor Tsvetanov reports live from the Millenium Stadium as Cardiff take on Swansea in tonight’s Varsity Rugby!

Cardiff 13-21 Swansea- Swansea win the 2013 Varsity

Swansea dethroned the reigning champions as they blow Cardiff University away in the heart of the Welsh capital. In a thriling game of ups and downs Swansea fought their way back to claim the trophy! After one-year absence the Welsh Varsity will eventually go back to Swansea!

80 min: Swansea score yet another penalty! 13-21. As it stands, Cardiff have to score two tries with virtually no time left!

79 min: Swansea counter attack retaining the ball at a safe distance from their goal line!

77 min: Enormous pressure mounts up in Swansea’s 22.

76 min: And Swansea converts the penalty! The score is now 13-18. Cardifff desperately needs a livesaving try!

75 min: Only 5 minutes to go and a free kick  for Swansea! Will that be the end of Cardiff’s hopes?

72 min: Two substittutions for the home team. Now is time for the main action. Let’s go Cardiff, let’s go!- cheers up the crowd.

67 min: The Swans make a substitution. Number 19 replaces Jon Barley.

63 min: Swansea scores the conversion! They make it 13-15. The Varsity is slipping away for Cardiff..


60 min: We now enter the last 20 minutes of the game. Still unclear where the 2013 Varsity is going.

58 min: Cardiff fall back! Swansea now have the ball in Cardiff’s 22.

52 min: Cardiff have the ball again! Huge pressure here from the home team.

47 min: Swansea refuse to go back down! Elliot Jones makes the score 13-8 by scoring a penalty for the Swans

45 min: Another penalty for Cardiff.. and they score! 13-5

42 min: Swansea fight back to score a try! What a beginning of the second half. The score is 10-5.

41 min: Having nothing to lose, Swansea enter the second half in more aggressive style!

20:30 The teams are back out on the field, and we are ready to go for the second half of the spectacle called Varsity.

20:26 Swansea’s cheerleaders bring the stadium at its feet! Amazing performance. Where are you, Cardiff?

40 min: The two teams head to the changing room for the half time at the iconic Millenium stadium. It’s 10-0 at half-time!

36 min: Cardiff are playing an expansive attacking play. 10-0 after 36 minutes, deserved lead for the home side.

30 min: Swansea manage to stop Cardiff Uni’s advance in the middle of the field. What their squad needs now is some more offensive action!

23 min: Cardiff score a try!!! Their lead is now 10-0.

22 min: Pressure is mounting as the ball is dangerously close to Swansea’s goalline.

18 min: Cardiff, Cardiff, Cardiff- a decent crowd shouts.

14 min: Penalty for Cardiff! Cardiff’s initial dominance pays off after Martin Fowlers’s side converted the penalty kick! 3-0

11 min: Swansea survived a marvellous offensive action by the Cardiff side! The score is still 0-0.

9 min: Cardiff miss a free kick!!!

4 min: The two sides start off the game in an open manner with a quick exchange of turnovers!

1 min:  Kick-off! Let the show begin and the better team win!

19:19 Swansea University: 15 Elliott Jones 14 Andrew Claypole 13 Sam Soul 12 Steffan Hughes 11 Josh Bartlett 10 Ianto Griffiths 9 George Hardy, 1 Chris Francis 2 Greg George 3 Steffan Jones 4 Lewis Rawlins 5 Jon Barley 6 Jon Vaughan (c) 7 Jack Perkins 8 Reuben Tucker.
Replacements: Luke Myatt, Nicky Thomas, Tom Ball, Adam Scanlon, James McWilliams-Gray, Connor Lloyd, Josh Hammett, Ben Mitchell, Dion Jones, Ben Thomas.

19:18 Cardiff University15 Charles Simpson 14 Jack Phillips 13 Elliot Jones 12 Max Woodward 11 Rhys Howells 10 Jack Neville 9 Bryn Phillips, 1 James Pearce 2 Rhys Price 3 Bradley Thyer 4 Nic Huntley 5 Matthew Sindeberry 6 James Sawyer 7 Arthur Ellis 8 James Thomas (c).
Replacements: Mark O’Connor, Joe Franchi, Aled Rees, Ben Egan, George Lee, Rhodri Needham, Jack Flower, Will Jones, Sion Jones, Adam Field

19:16 Here are the line-ups for Cardiff vs. Swansea:

18:59 Both teams are warming up while large groups of supporters steadily make their way to their seats at Millennium.

18:14 Formidable ‘Varsity atmosphere is shaping up as a whole lot of red and green-dotted faces march around Cardiff.

17:16 Cardiff’s ultimate Varsity motivation!

17:08 No fireworks will be allowed at any match during Varsity today! Students, keep the fire in your hearts only!

16:50 Up until the 17th clash between the two Universities, Swansea has won 10 Varsities, Cardiff has claimed 5 trophies, while in 2001 the Match ended in a 10-10 draw.  

16:20 Cardiff University student Chloe Devereux has already made her choice by showing great support for the home side.

16:16 So where do you think the 2013 Varsity is going?

Hello and welcome to the Welsh Varsity Match 2013, where we’ll be guiding you through the day’s action of the biggest student sports event in Wales.

We start by gauging the mood around Cardiff in this excessively sports and emotion-saturated day of Welsh Varsity.

We then head to Millennium stadium for the highlight of today’s programme- the clash between Cardiff Uni and Swansea Uni’s rugby teams. While the home side of Cardiff  will strive for a second Varsity win in a row, Swansea has a legacy of 10 Varsity victories to defend.