Give in to Cardiff’s weather

Here’s some students sporting coats you need for Cardiff weather

It always rains in Cardiff. Even if it’s sunshine and blue skies in the morning, at some point during the day there will be rain. Sometimes fashion has to be put aside in order to avoid the ‘drowned rat’ kind of look. It also seems to be a good couple of degrees colder and windier here compared to the rest of the country.

Leather and denim jackets are great for those few days when the heavens don’t open two seconds after you walk out of the door, but it’s always good to have at least one of these essential items for the inevitable Cardiff winter weather. And there’s no point dismissing this article knowing you have an umbrella safely stored in your bag, we all know that’s just going to get blown away.

Charlotte Hayre, first year Chemistry student

A melton coat is good for all weather. Blue is a useful colour too, it goes with most things and is more informal than black. New Look is a good place to go if you’re looking for a coat like this.

Emily Flinn, first year Law student

A Gilet is a good mix of fashion and practicability. Gilets from Jack Wills are currently on sale, although Emily’s is from Republic. Probably better to go to Jack Wills though…

Nia Phillips, first year English Lit student

A Barbour jacket is always useful because it goes with anything, it’s warm and it’s waterproof. Nia’s is from Jack Wills, and most Barbour style jackets are equally as expensive. Most quilted jackets just look plastic and cheap. So if you want a decent one like Nia’s, spend money.

Bethan Roberts, first year Nursing student

Bethan’s coat is from River Island. Good for when it’s freezing and when you just want to be warm but also colourful! And for if you’re Scottish.

So, for a fashion post, this is kind of practical. But if you think this selection of coats and jackets isn’t fashionable enough, just so you know, you’re the kind of person everyone laughs at when you run into Costa Coffee and buy a packet of crisps just so that you can  shelter from the pouring rain/blistering winds for a while. We then all pity you as you come to terms with the fact that you do have to walk home, wearing only a saturated ‘fashion’ parka to keep you warm.