Prof: ‘Aliens exist’

Is he serious?

A former head of Cardiff Uni’s Centre for Astrobiology has claimed to have discovered a two-inch piece of “space rock” which he believes fell to earth in a meteorite shower.

The prof reckons he’s had a break through

In his paper published in the Journal of Cosmology, Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, (try saying that after several vodkas) said he has found “crushing evidence” that human life started from outside our Earth.

The piece of rock was allegedly “still smoking” when it crashed to Earth in a “spectacular fireball”.

The most exciting piece of rock you’ve ever seen?

However, there have been no conclusive tests done so far to prove the rock fell to Earth in a meteorite shower. Initial tests have simply shown that it contains some fossils of algae.

The unusual-looking rock was found by a group of women villagers in central Sri Lanka and sent onto Cardiff Uni’s School of Earth Sciences where it was examined under an electron microscope.

The 74 year old Prof says that the rock, which is currently under the testing, is “pitted with microscopic seaweed fossils” which are similar to those found on Earth. He says this supports his theory that the planet was seeded by comets and asteroids 3.8 billion years ago.

Amongst his anti-evolution theories, the controversial Prof also believes that viruses such as SARS arrived here from deep space.

Critics and experts have dismissed the Prof’s claims, dubbing them “laughable”.

Astronomer Phil Plait blogged that Wickramasinghe’s research hasn’t proved anything yet and added that there is “no reason to trust that what they have is a meteorite.”

Another Professor, Monica Grady, suggested there are some “serious inconsistencies” in Prof Wickramasinghe’s paper.

It seems that none of the experts are willing to trust the findings until the Prof can conclusively prove the rock is a meteorite through key scientific tests.

The Prof hit back at critics saying the proof would be ready “within weeks”.