New taxi service pledges to get us home safe

The Tab reports on a taxi scheme that hopes to get us home late at night, no matter how drunk and disorderly…

It’s the end of the night… You lost all your friends when you popped off to the bar and now it’s time to leave. You look in your wallet or purse and you have no money left. What do you do? How will you get home?

This week, our university has announced a scheme which would potentially ensure students a safe journey home after a night out in the town centre.

The service will be provided for students who have run out of cash, who don’t know their way home, or don’t feel safe walking alone to find a cash machine…


How will it work?

You’ll be able to simply ring Dragon Taxi’s on 02920 333 333 between 10pm and 6am and ask for the ‘Cardiff University Safe Taxi Scheme’. The operator will ask you for your name and to quote your student number. Then when your taxi arrives, you will need to provide your student card and on arrival at your destination you will be issued with a receipt.


Then what?

You do not have to pay on the day however your fare must be paid within the next few days. To pay, you’ll have to take your receipt to the Finance Office at the Student Union.

If you forget to pay, the union will have your details from your student number and will email you with a reminder. If a payment is not received then access to university services such as libraries and the gym may be restricted.

There are limitations to it of course:  no more than two people per taxi and there is a maximum spend of £10.

The Cardiff University Safe Taxi Scheme is an idea of the University’s Welfare and Community Officer, Megan David.

The scheme has been praised and has been successfully implemented in many other universities across the country.