Dear Dev

The Tab’s very own agony uncle, Alex Devereux, gives you the honest advice you need…

I was approached by a pushy salesman in town the other day and I think I may have signed a year’s contract for internet that I don’t need. I gave him my bank details. What can I do? Hannah, 20

First of all I’d like to thank you on behalf of the British economy. Without people like you thousands of salesmen would be unemployed and unwanted products would go unsold. It’s reasonable to assume that without people like you the economy would collapse. On a more personal level, how could you be so stupid!? Independence is something an individual should earn, I suggest you pack your bags and run home to mummy and daddy. Give them custody of your bank card and negotiate just enough pocket money to buy some sweeties. Only if you’re a good girl though. Seriously, as long as it hasn’t been installed there should be a get out clause in the contract. Call the company and cancel it. Immediately.


I’m struggling to be away from my family whilst at uni, I’m only in first year but the transition has been tough. Should I stick with a uni so far from home? Mark, 18

Suck it up son. Everyone gets a little home sick from time to time but you’re in a place in which opportunities are endless. There are too many people to do and things to see to get caught up in whether you’ve made the right decision. There are societies for anything and everything. Once you get stuck in you won’t even think about home. My suggestion to you is get down to Tesco, buy a crate, get a few tinnies in you and relish the fresh start.


Should I break up with my boyfriend just because I’ve come to uni? Sarah, 20

This one’s always tricky so I’ll make it simple for you. Yes. If you’ve had to ask then there’s no doubt about it. Having a boyfriend half way across the country is expensive, stressful and will only end one way. Sexual experience is such an integral part of university life. If you stay together you won’t be able to fully immerse yourself in the new culture and not only resent him but feel like you’ve missed out.


I’m really attracted to my housemate; we’ve come close to getting with each other a few times, should I pursue it? Charlie, 19

I rarely discourage the pursuit of sex but this early in the year such a move could be very risky. Ground rules should be should be set up before anything happens and if you’re both on the same page then I’d still say no. But if you can’t help yourselves at least make sure you’re both very drunk and put it down as an inevitability. But remember, you’re going to be bringing girls back to your pad all year (if you’re a legend) so you don’t want any awkward encounters that could potentially end in a cock block. There is no shortage of women in this city my friend, don’t shit where you sleep.