VOTE NOW: The Tab’s Top 75 BNOCs 2023

Time to decide the final 10 names for this year…

With the initial nominations now closed, there is one last thing to look forward to at the end of this long week 5… VOTING IS NOW OPEN: for the top 10 BNOCs of 2023. It’s that time of the year you get to scroll through the long list of names half dreading to see your name for sake of embarrassment, yet half sad no one put the time or effort to submit you for some recognition. Hopefully, this is a much needed distraction from the overwhelming chaos and stress that is the middle of Lent term and gives you a short break to ridicule or congratulate the students on this list.

You may see your friends names, exes, situationships, that one actor’s name you remember in that one play that time, a faint memory of a drunken Revs introduction or a union president. Either way, tick their name if you know it.

It took a considerable amount of procrastination time out of my schedule to sift through the 800 or so names submitted for this list so make sure you vote for your biggest name on campus now!

How it works:

It’s super simple so you can’t possibly mess it up. Click on the Google form, sign in with your CRSid and tick every name you know/have heard of.

We want to know who the most known people in Cambridge are, so make sure you vote correctly. You can only vote ONCE so THINK before you TICK.

Voting closes on Sunday 26th February at 6pm.

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Featured image credits: Michelle Crees