Santa hats mysteriously appear on St John’s Chapel

A photographer first spotted the hats at around 11am on Monday

At least three Santa hats have appeared on the heads of figures on St John’s Chapel.

They were spotted by photographer Martin Bond, who has taken a photograph of Cambridge every day for more than a decade for his website A Cambridge Diary. Bond believes that “a rascal student” is responsible for attaching the hats, and adds that “some people believe they were placed by a drone, but they definitely climbed up there.”

A St John’s porter confirmed to Bond that no key had been signed out, so the hats were placed from the outside of the building.

Some students have alluded to the work of Cambridge’s infamous “night climbers”, who scale the tall buildings of Cambridge at night. They have previously claimed responsibility for Santa hats on King’s Chapel in 2009, as well as an Austin 7 on the roof of Senate House in 1958.

Featured Image Credit: Kotomi, Flickr via Creative Commons License