HRH Prince Charles visits Cambridge

He visited Market Square, attended an event at Homerton and unveiled a new research building

His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales was in Cambridge today to attend a diversity event at Homerton and unveil AstraZeneca’s new “Discovery Centre.”

The Prince began his trip by visiting Market Square earlier this morning (23/11). He was seen speaking to both students and stall owners in the area.

There was a large police presence in town as many students reported being stopped or held up by security guards. Whilst His Royal Highness was in the Market Square, police and security guards were preventing people on bicycles from riding through the square or along King’s Parade.

Isabelle Duffy-Cross, a student present in town when the Prince arrived said “she’d never seen such big crowds gathered in Cambridge” before. She also mentioned it was “nice to see a congregation of both students and residents of Cambridge.”

Prince Charles’ arrival in Cambridge (Image Credits: Chloe Barnes)

From Market Square, the Prince was driven to an event at Homerton College, which according to the email Homerton students received aimed to “celebrate the college as a diverse and talented community.”  The Prince of Wales walked across Great Hall side by side with Homerton College Principal Simon Woolley and was met by hundreds of students to the left.

He then entered Griffin Bar for a meal and was greeted by various student musicians, who noted he made an effort to thank all of them. Students at Homerton also mentioned that “he was nice enough to come over and talk to us, he stopped and asked us how we all lived and where we ate.”

His Royal Highness speaking to students from Homerton (Image Credits: Rishit Jain)

Following this exchange with students, he was met by the Student Union in the college marquee before attending panels on diversity in admissions, well-being and the Homerton Changemakers. The Prince also participated in discussions with senior staff from the college.

From there, His Royal Highness went on to unveil The Discovery Centre (DISC), AstraZeneca’s new 1 billion pound research and development facility in Cambridge. According to the company’s press release, the centre will host up to 2,200 research scientists, and will “include the most advanced robotics, high-throughput screening and AI-driven technology.”

The project was set to be completed in 2019, but was delayed (in part) due to the pandemic. It aims to “promote a culture of open partnership and innovation” with the University of Cambridge, as well as other leading hospitals and research institutions near DISC.

Additional reporting was contributed by Jack Deasley. 

Feature Image Credits: Isabelle Duffy-Cross

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