How to deck your halls with some Bridgemas crafts

Still self-isolating? Can’t face the queues? Here’s how to get that Bridgemassy feel without leaving your room!

For the past few weeks things have been a bit gloomy – lockdown continues to hang over us, the days are still getting shorter, and to cap it all off, the beloved haunt of Cambridge students, Cindies, closed its doors for the last time.

So it’s fair to say we all need a bit of Bridgemas spirit – and what better way to liven up the last week of term than to go all out with the decorations and absolutely FESTOON your corridor or house!

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to deck the halls people.

Of course, in this lockdown-life most of the normal sources of tinsel and plastic penguins are in short supply – so we might have to adapt (yes, again). For those of you self-isolating, or for the ones who just can’t deal with the supermarket queues, here’s your how-to guide for getting that Bridgemassy feeling with some snazzy decs, while dealing with an ongoing pandemic etc. etc.

It’s time to get crafty – but don’t worry, you don’t need to get out the glue gun and the cross stitch (although why not? If you feel like going all out on the crafts, go for it).

Ye Olde paper chains

Beloved by students for decades, and requiring nothing more than some paper, sellotape/glue and a pair of scissors. Maybe you’ll have to splash out for some coloured paper – nothing is more depressing than paper chains made from old essay notes and lined A4 paper.

Paper snowflakes

Also a classic, maybe requiring a bit more dexterity on the paper-cutting front. Here’s a handy guide to make some delightful wintry decorations, which look really nice when stuck to a window, a more festive change from post-it pleas for freedom.

With thanks to my team of scissor-wielding, snowflake-making elves

Christmas cacti to save on space

Maybe you can’t stretch to a full on fir tree in your room, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any festive plant life! Spruce up your succulents with some tinsel, ribbons or some fairy lights.

The holly and the ivy? More like the three kings here…

Go green (and red) and reuse this Bridgemas!

This is where you just have to look at things with new (festive) eyes. Have a scout around and see what you can transform into Christmassy decorations. Cardboard boxes from all those impulsive, treat-yo-self deliveries – what can be cut up and sellotaped into a (relatively) seasonal shape? Tinfoil stars? Marshmallow snowmen? Or the (annoying) little pieces of paper from a hole-puncher as free fake snow?*

It’s beginning to look a lot like Bridgemas…

*But on the downside you will probably have to get the hoover out at some point for this. Or be very nice to your neighbours.

Being limited on time (and often space) as we are at Cambridge is no excuse not to make your surroundings a little more Bridgemassy as week 8 exhaustion comes looming. If ever in doubt, just go all out on the fairy lights….

All images by Hannah Martin