Pro-VC Graham Virgo reveals Stephen Toope meme made his day

Are you team Toope or team Virgo?

Prof. Graham Virgo, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education, revealed that he has a favourite meme relating to his beloved colleague and recent superstar, Vice Chancellor Stephen Toope. The meme in question was released on Camfess on May 4th, and involves a jealous Toope, shellshocked at his boyfriend’s thirst for Virgo.

In a recent interview, Virgo told The Cambridge Tab: “I have to say I received that at a particularly stressful time on a particularly busy day and it made my day so much better […] This was one of a boyfriend and girlfriend holding hands and he’s looking around. It was referring to club Toope and club Virgo – that one. That was very much appreciated.”

Just like the rest of Cambridge, it’s apparent Virgo needs Toope memes to relieve the stress of these “unprecedented” circumstances and the relentless grind of “academic rigour”.

Virgo’s comments seem to suggest a playful rivalry between the two recent meme sensations, who have rose to fame since they started sending regular emails in March. Toope is known for his characteristic daily messages and Friday videos, while Virgo’s claim to fame is his announcements regarding exam arrangements, and more recently, the shift to online lectures next year.

Shockingly, Virgo also revealed that Toope memes are not a topic of conversation at board meetings amongst senior Cambridge staff. When asked if Toope had seen his memes, Virgo revealed, “I don’t know whether he has seen them. He and I have not talked about Toope memes.”

So, in what could possibly cause the biggest divide in the Cambridge population since the Van of Life set up next to Gardies, we pose the question: Are you team Toope or team Virgo?

We have also compiled our pick of the best Camfess Toope memes to date. Unfortunately, Virgo is yet to amass such a glorious portfolio:

1) Prince Charming who?

2) More influential than Willy Shakes

3) Rated 18. Contains strong sex scenes, sexual themes and nudity

4) Sea turtles, mate

5) Toope reclaiming Old Schools from the occupiers be like

6) Daddy Toope

7) An artist’s work

8) Dermatologists hate him. How Toope looks 20 years younger

9) The rigour behind the emails

10) Might have to phone a friend on this one

11) Get on it Zuckerberg

Poll photo credits: Kohlrabi Pickle, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons licence; Lysanne Larose, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons licence

Cover photo credits: sps1955 Flickr, Creative Commons Licence

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