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Most influential women and non-binary Cambridge students 2020: Part one

Not all heroes wear capes

Pro-VC Graham Virgo reveals Stephen Toope meme made his day

Are you team Toope or team Virgo?

Interview: Graham Virgo on online lectures, fresher deferrals, the news leak and fees

The Tab’s interview with Cambridge’s Senior-Pro-Vice-Chancellor in full

Interview: Cambridge’s Senior Pro-VC on online lectures, fresher deferrals, the news leak and fees

The Tab’s interview with Cambridge’s Senior-Pro-Vice-Chancellor in full

‘Gassed to do my degree from bed’: Cambridge students react to no face-to-face lectures next year

Anyone else feel like taking a year out?

Cambridge confirms ‘no face-to-face lectures during the next academic year’

Lectures and exams will be conducted virtually

Interview: Alfie Caine talks music, art and Cambridge life, ahead of the release of his new single

‘Alone on the Dancefloor’ drops this Friday

XR Youth graffiti buildings on Cambridge West campus, condemning their ties to fossil fuels

They targeted the Cambridge Arctic Shelf Program (CASP) research building

Cambridge’s most influential female and non-binary students: Nominations now open

Let’s celebrate female and non-binary students taking action in our University and society

‘I’m finding lockdown difficult in terms of identity’: Cambridge LGBT+ students share their quarantine experience

Many are isolating with queerphobic, uninformed or unaware individuals

Cambridge grad in court after ‘calling for extermination of Jewish people’

The maths graduate is on conditional bail

‘I’ll never flash in Life’s photo booth again’: Finalists share what they REALLY miss about Cambridge

Let’s take off the rose-tinted spectacles…

‘This is a work in progress’: Prof. Graham Virgo answers your questions on Easter assessments

We interview Prof. Graham Virgo

The Tab is interviewing Prof. Virgo and we want to know what questions you want answered

Submit questions here!

Unprecedented indeed: Students react to exam arrangements

Do we rate Toope and Virgo’s work?

Part III chemists told ‘safety net’ will not apply to them, contradicting earlier emails amid exam chaos

They received an apology from their department.

Tab poll results: Cambridge students vote in favour of scrapping Easter assessments

All students will find out about their assessments on Tuesday

Quiz: Which lockdown stereotype are you? Cambridge edition

This is accurate

Students outraged as King’s Affair Committee declare they are unable to provide a full refund to ticket-holders

Ticket-holders should anticipate to receive a refund of 75 per cent of the original ticket price for the cancelled event.

Camfess sets up official Minecraft server to combat isolation blues, and it’s glorious

Can our Easter exams be assessed on our ability to slay zombies?

There will be no exams in Cambridge next term as uni shifts into RED phase to tackle coronavirus outbreak

An email was sent to all staff and students this afternoon

Tab poll: What do you think exam arrangements should be next term?

Cast your vote – how would you like to be assessed?

Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race cancelled

The event was due to take place on 29th March

Cambridge’s Top 10 BNOCs 2020 who you’ve 100 per cent met in the Cindies’ smoking area

Cambridge’s shining icons

Downing College publishes ‘xenophobic’ Instagram post joking about coronavirus

The post makes fun of racial stereotypes

900 guests attend Cambridge ball as government plans to ban mass gatherings

Guests crowded to watch Tinchy Stryder headline

Students end 10-day occupation of Old Schools after University court order

The occupation ended at 9.30am today

Pembroke and Queens’ cancel bops due to COVID-19 concerns

The bops were due to take place over the next few days

Visitors cannot attend Girton Spring Ball if they ‘present flu-like symptoms’ amid coronavirus fears

The Ball will be held this Friday

University of Cambridge claims Old School occupiers are ‘derailing preparations’ for coronavirus outbreak

They have asked the occupiers ‘to leave immediately’

Mainsbury’s runs out of hand sanitiser and toilet paper due to coronavirus panic buying

Maybe we’ll have to shop at the big Sainsbury’s

XR sing outside Corpus Clock on the seventh day of protests

“We are peaceful, angry people fighting for our lives”

The most iconic looks and signs from the strikes so far

Pineapple men, XR dogs and tricycles

Students sign open letter criticising History Faculty’s conduct over recent Tit Hall scandal

The History Faculty told students to refrain from speaking out

What is the Gender Expression Fund and why every college should have one

Clare, Girton, Robinson and Jesus are the first colleges to adopt the scheme

Students warned about discrimination in the wake of coronavirus following an incident at Downing College

A group of Chinese students were subject to racist discrimination at lunch in Downing Hall

The Strawberries and Creem 2020 festival line-up has dropped

Celebrate May Week in style

5,000 of you voted, so which Cambridge night out is officially the best?

Let’s settle the debate once and for all

Which Cambridge stereotype are you? Take this quiz to find out

This is accurate

Review: Measure for Measure (ETG 2019)

Exhilarating and disturbing, but most of all, truly relevant.

University Bus Service currently failing disabled students at Girton and Homerton

Girton and Homerton are more inaccessible than we thought…

Love Island twins VIP hostesses at Fez Cambridge!

You’ve probs met them on a messy Friday night out

Review: Antigone

A refreshing take on a much loved tragedy

‘Thrill Me’: How to put on a show in Cambridge

An interview with the production team of ‘Thrill Me’

Review: You’re dead and I’m eating Pic n’ Mix

A beautiful exploration of love and grief

“Rust” and the representation of mental health in theatre

We spoke to the production team

Review: The Hound of the Baskervilles

A frantic, farcical delight.

What’s on: Week Three

Fun things to try in Cam this week

Review: Pygmalion

Energetic and exuberant, but still sends a chill down your spine…

What’s on: Week two

Fun things to try in Cam this week