The Tab meets the co-founders of Date Cam: Double Dates

The charitable initiative that seeks to match students through an online double date

The Tab meets the co-founders of DateCam Double Dates: Charissa Cheong, a second year English student, and Will De Vio, a second year Medic. The Christ’s College Ents duo are collaborating with Camfess to quell students’ quarantine-induced loneliness, in aid of the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.

What exactly is the concept behind CamDates?

“‘DateCam: Double Dates’ is an online dating event, but when we say ‘date’ we really just mean a nice chat – romantic, friendly, or anything in between! You date in pairs by signing up with a mate, and then get matched up with another pair by us!”

What inspired the idea?

“After hearing a lot of thirsty anecdotes from friends lamenting the loss of Cindies hookups, we realised there was a market for this idea. Charissa is the Christ’s Ents officer and Will is on the committee. We realised we had some leftover money in our budget that we wanted to donate, and, after going back and forth about why a Club Penguin bop wasn’t going to raise money for charity, we decided that a dating event would be the perfect way to encourage others to both give back to the Cambridge community and meet new people!”

Why did you choose double dating?

“We think that one-on-one video calls with someone you don’t really know can be low-key intimidating. Double dating take the pressure off, and we hope having two friends in it together will make for a much more relaxed vibe. Also, we just love each other and refuse to be separated; we were Fresher’s Reps together in first year!”

Charissa: “And since Will is so in my business anyway, I thought I may as well make this thing a double date, because we know your friends are probably just as crazy as we are.”

How do you sign up?

“Head to our Facebook Event  and fill in the application form together. Your friend fills out your answers for you, and vice versa, so make sure to pick someone who’ll hype you up! Individual applications are also welcomed.”

How do you intend to match people?

“The form asks people to describe their friend’s ideal match and write them a Tinder bio to give us a sense of their vibe. The Christ’s Ents committee are going to match people based on these responses.”

What video service will you be using?

“Once you’ve been matched, you’ll get an email with your dates’ names and basic information, so it’s up to you to agree on a platform and time.”

I noticed you are asking participants for a suggested donation of £3 per person. What are you raising money for?

“We’re raising money for the Cambridgeshire Coronavirus Community Fund.

“Their mission is to fund local initiatives supporting those most vulnerable at this time. We haven’t made donating a requirement, but we’d really encourage people to give whatever they can. Some of us may not be living in Cambridge right now, but let’s all try and do our bit for local charities!”

Will you be going on a double date together?

Will: “Well, funny story: Charissa refuses to go on dates, and she’s told me she won’t let her first one be on Zoom. We’re both going to be doing our date together, but with wholesome vibes, because ‘friend dates’ are a huge part of what we’re offering too!”

Charissa: “The irony of the two of us setting up a dating event when we both have massive commitment issues is not lost on us. But ultimately, DateCam is about making social connections, whatever you want that to look like!”

If your loneliness is killing you, in the hallowed words of HRH Britney Spears, consider making a donation and joining your best pal on a (virtual) double date; romantic, platonic or otherwise. 

Featured image credit to Charissa Cheong.