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Union candidate proposes speaker sharing with Oxford

Jonas Dein aims to reduce dropouts

Perhaps the spiciest development in this term's rather lukewarm Union election cycle is Jonas Dein's proposal to work with the Oxford Union to invite speakers to the prestigious institutions. This comes as part of a move to reduce dropouts and to minimise travel costs for high-profile speakers from abroad.

According to his campaign page he has confirmed a commitment to work together on speaker lineups with the recently elected Oxford Union President for Michaelmas 2018.

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Voting opens tomorrow morning

This term's election is a battle of the Speaker's Officers – Jonas is battling it out with his predecessor Charles Connor. Charles also has an impressive platform built on increasing transparency, inviting speakers from a wide range of sectors and widening perks available to impressive floor speeches.

Although this election is less dramatic than previous Presidential battles the candidates are still keeping us interested with a few curveballs.