How to get your library aesthetic on point

LIVIE TOLSON shows you the way

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Trying to look your best in the library and attract a library lover? Do you want to make like ‘maths library girl’ and get that Crushbridge mention?

Having spent most of this week in the UL I consider myself an experienced guide to the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s of library-wear.


I am incapable of working without music so I consider a nice pair of headphones completely essential to my quality of life in exam term. I personally love Beats but I know they are really on the expensive side and there are plenty of other options that are just as pretty.

Cannot live without these in exam term <3

If you’re into minimalism the headphones on the right by Kreafunk are a gorgeous choice, whilst the maximalist might go for the super fun glittery ones on the right by Skinny Dip at only £35. Both can be purchased on ASOS.

Carry all

If you want to look like you’re a real serious library goer why not invest in a clear plastic UL bag for a mere 20p? And why not take it to your revision supervisions to show off your dedication? I dress how I want to feel, and at the moment I want to feel like I’ve actually done some revision.

A model of high fashion, obviously.

Obviously a clear plastic bag isn’t necessarily the most stylish item….which is when a pretty tote can come in handy.

The fabulous bag on the left is by Sacred Hawk, and the gorgeous suede one on the right is by Warehouse. Both will make a fab statement in the library.

Water bottle

Whether for water or for alcohol this is a library must-have. Why not get something pretty? Or with a funny slogan? Here are some of my favourite options…

These are both available on ASOS – the one on the left is by Monki and the one the right is by Happy Jackson

Yes, I even have a UL mug…it’s 20p off every coffee! (I promise I’m not being sponsored by the UL.)


Exam term is no fun so why not spice things up with a funky iridescent iPad cover or glittery pencil case? They’re OTT, arguably tacky, but definitely fabulous.

This case is from Skinny Dip and has the added bonus of looking super pretty with my headphones!

So sparkly!


Libraries can have very variable temperatures as I have learnt from experience. One second it feels like a sauna and the next someone’s opened the windows and you’re suddenly freezing. I wear a strappy top under everything to allow for the first scenario. I also refuse to go anywhere without a jacket or blanket-like scarf. Revision is grim enough without adding additional issues to the situation.

Never hit the UL without a jacket.


Yes, shoes again. You don’t have to walk very much when you working/procrastinating in the library all day so why not wear your favourite pair of heels? One can never be over dressed in my opinion. Plus, since you’re sitting down all day, other minor outfit compromises may have to be made to prevent adding ‘feeling uncomfortable’ to your list of exam term woes.

Walking the boards of the UL in a fab pair of shoes helps combat the depression of actually being there in the first place.


Investing in stationary always makes me feel a little more like I have my life together. Gel pens, felt tips, pretty notepads…whatever it is I’m down.

Pastel highlighters!!! I did get quite excited when I saw these in Sainsbury’s.

Now there is no reason for the library life to be as dull as you fear as there are plenty of ways to make things a little less unpleasant.