Queens’ May Ball 2017 Theme Revealed

It’s something to do with travel.

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This year’s theme is Wanderlust.

Queens’ May Ball is renowned for featuring up-and-coming acts before they hit the big time. Previous notable acts have included Florence and the Machine, Bastille, The Kaiser Chiefs and Bombay Bicycle Club.

Bastille played Queens’ May Ball in 2013, before they were cool.

Queens’ previous May Ball was themed “The Museum of Curiosity”, and was praised as one of the best in Cambridge for 2015.

Wanderlust is defined on Google as “A strong desire to travel” – The Tab isn’t sure what this means for the theme, but can hazard that it has something to do with travel.

This stock photo appeared when we googled ‘wanderlust’ – what could it mean?!

The Ball will be on the Tuesday of May Week: the 20th of June, 2017

Tickets are priced at £160 for current students and £215 for dining. Guest tickets are £10 more expensive in both cases.

Tickets will be available for purchase by Queens’ Students and Alumni from the 24th of November, until the 25th of December