Corbyn is not a saviour of the people

He can be just as bad as everyone else

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Somebody said to me at a party recently when discussing democracy, that it obviously has to exist and is important it does but sometimes it’s so unfair that the uneducated morons get to make decisions for themselves that affect all of us.

This person was a fierce Corbynite. This conversation just completely summarised all I see wrong with the advocation of a Corbyn led government and of the hypocrisy of Corbynites.

I know this article will be unpopular, but hear me out. Something I notice in Cambridge, when discussing politics, which I’ve grown to hate doing amongst friends, is that that, for the majority, Corbyn can do no wrong. He is to the left as the Pope is to Irish grandmothers. He is Messianic. He is Labour’s savior from the neo-liberal and robotic war-criminal Blair and he will truly make Britain great again – he will make it the green and ethical, socially and democratically balanced utopia we all desire. I wish this were true.

Student politicians, or champagne socialists?

Student politicians, or champagne socialists?

I do not believe Corbyn is capable of doing this. Yes, Corbyn is admirably principled, he seems like a decent man, he believes in good – qualities that are unalterably and undeniably great. I do not think he offers the solution to what Britain needs post-Brexit. Having been a member of the Labour party for four years, I don’t think I’ll be voting for them in my first general election. I think there is a fundamental problem with a Corbyn led Labour party for numerous reasons.

The support for Corbyn demonstrated in Cambridge does not spread itself out evenly amongst Britain’s constituencies, making Labour ultimately unelectable in this present climate. Labour have lost its working class core, and I don’t know if they’ll ever get them back. I sometimes wonder if the party is dead. Sometimes, I believe he’s genuinely as delusional as some Tories.

Corbyn seems to run on a platform that he will solve the problems that the Tories have created for the working class, such as cuts to the NHS and austerity measures. However, there is a fundamental problem in that the working class, particularly in the North of England, do not like him. They call him incompentent and naive and Labour MPs have claimed they believe that he wants to undemine the voices of these people. Some may question the findings of the working class not liking Corbyn, but it is generally constitently true in polls and amongst people I know from home.

Save the NHS? How about getting support from the people you represent first..

Save the NHS? How about getting support from the people you represent first..

Instead, it tends to be this educated elite who chose Corbyn; they believe he is the answer to all the problems our country is facing. The people holding him up are the people who slam conservatives for being elite and thus evil, whilst they themselves are elite and sometimes do not listen to the desires of the people that Corbyn claims to want to work for. Obviously, this is not every Corbyn voter, but it is a proportion of his disciples.

I would bet most people who will vote Corbyn in the next election has bought at least one sandwich from Pret in their life. Ultimately, the voices of people outside of London, of the working class North, may seem less left wing and socially democratic to an educated Cambridge student, but you cannot warrant them wrong, ignorant, uneducated unless they are hateful.

To-marrow will not be a better day with Corbyn as leader

To-marrow will not be a better day with Corbyn as leader

It may not be right to you  – Lord knows Brexit wasn’t – yet the the elite left pass it off as stupid people being ignorant in private, whilst going on anti-austerity marches in public. But isn’t that just what Cameron’s Conservative government did? Didn’t they laugh at the less well off, less educated, and dismiss them as moronic whilst living in their million pound houses, staring at the Buller photo up on the wall?

You know the one

You know the one we mean

My problem, however, is less with Corbyn’s supporters and more with Corbyn himself. His failure to deal and discuss anti-semitism in the Labour party openly is wholly unacceptable, and despite having an inquiry, it was reportedly ‘whiteashed’ according to Jewish Labour supporters. The left is not absent from being racist, and from specifically being anti-semitic. Corbyn had asserted that the party was proud for doing the report, despite findings of an “occasionally toxic atmosphere” and “too much clear evidence [of] ignorant attitudes” and it was then shoved under a table and not questioned again, despite comments made by Livingstone about Hitler having backed the Jews living in Israel.

This is why it is problematic that Chakrabarti was made a peer in the House of Lords, as it further undermined the behaviour of members in the party and screamed, “we’ve done a report now, we’re ok, we promise!” I would argue that cronyism and nepotism is still as rife amongst Corbyn’s mates as it was with Cameron’s. We spit at nepotism because it is wrong, yet Corbyn chooses Abbott and Chakrabarti to be in his Cabinet – people who have consistently followed him and never questioned his behaviour.

Nepotism in practice?

Nepotism in practice?

Corbyn’s Cabinet consists of the North London elite that we all claim to hate for being unaware of struggle.  Abbott, denounces grammar schools, but she’ll send her kid to a private one. How are these people meant to be the saviours of the people? It is one thing for them, and another for the rest of the elite who don’t share their views on nuclear disarmament.

In the Gospels, which I had to read in Theology A-Level, it discusses how some people out there are wolves in shepherd’s clothing; “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves”. 

For me, this applies for Corbyn and his Cabinet – they may wear their ‘Up the Workers’ T-Shirts, but they wear them underneath their Barbour jackets.