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Does the state vs private school divide still matter at Cambridge?

Perhaps less so than you might think

Corbyn is not a saviour of the people

He can be just as bad as everyone else

Killer Clown barges into Cambridge formal dinner

Students were threatened with a (plastic) machete

Tab Guide to Brexit and the Labour Crisis

In the aftermath of the vote that shook Facebook feeds to their core, we look at what Brexit has actually brought us.

BREXIT: I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

Independence Day? More like Apocalypse Now.

Cambridge students could face a rise in tuition fees in 2017

As it’s been a whole four years since the government last fucked us, it seemed about time.

NICK CLEGG “Politics is a messy business, your ideals clash with reality”

Nick, we’re paying for the consequences of that clash. Literally.

Cantabs in the Calais ‘Jungle’: Cambridge University Calais Refugee Action Group reports

French Authorities are about to bulldoze half of the several thousand strong Calais camp – PETER MARTIN, CUCRAG founder, describes a desperate situation

‘Plebgate’ MP Andrew Mitchell slates David Cameron and the Oxford Union in front of Cantabs

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, former Foreign Secretary, joined in too – and the Oxford Union hasn’t even bothered trying to deny it

Can we all please stop panicking over the repeal of the Human Rights Act?

No one’s coming for your right to education, freedom or life

My family turned Tory to save our mansion

Confessions of a Champagne Socialist

Don’t believe the slander: Chamali Fernando is a decent candidate who deserves your vote

The Tories don’t just deserve a chance – they have a chance in Cambridge, argues CHARLES FISHER in part three of the Tab’s new series, ‘Who to vote for in Cambridge and why you should give a shit’

Week 1 Cartoon: Dedicated to our darling Prime Minister

It’s funny cos he’s stupid

Cambridge’s Most Eligible Bachelor: On Feminism

ZBH explains why we should all follow Feminism

Why I’m voting UKIP

Former CUCA Chairman and disappointed Tory CALLUM WOOD thinks dismissing UKIP out of hand is ultimately silly

Tab Tries: Legal Highs

Human guinea pig extraordinaire LAURA ROLLINS pumps her body full of powerful and potentially dangerous mind-altering chemicals.

Cambridge Nightlife Slammed By Which?

It’s official: the Pope is Catholic, bears do it in the woods, and Cambridge nightlife is awful.

Cantab(le) Manners Too Good For Politics

Cambridge students are too “drab” to make good leaders, which is why we’ve only produced one post-war PM, an author claims.

News From The Dark Blues

ISAAC DELESTRE’s fellow Oxfordians have got hammered with champers and mauled by hacksaws in another eventful week…

Caius Cans Pasty Plans

The West Cornish Pasty Company try, and fail, to join the unholy trinity of Life, Death and Gardies.