Killer clowns are coming to Cambridge

It was only a matter of time.

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The terrifying clown craze sweeping the country has finally reached the city of Cambridge, with police on their guard after crushing a planned gathering of clowns in the Huntingdon area on Sunday evening.

Menacing figures of clowns – the source of many a childhood nightmare – have been increasingly spotted across the country, following a spate of clown sightings across the pond. Now it seems that Cambridge too has fallen victim to this sinister practice which can often be more than a harmless hobby, with some clowns being reported as armed.

They’re coming

Regardless of intention, dressing or behaving in a way which causes distress to the public has forced Cambridge police to enforce dispersal orders. With Halloween looming there are fears that there could be malicious and disturbing consequences behind what appeared to originate as merely mindless pranks.

Such intimidation, which is only expected to increase in numbers of incidents, is to be met with increased vigilance by the police. After false alarm in previous weeks over clown sightings on King Street – which was revealed to be merely an innocent promotion stunt by the host to many a messy Cambridge swap: the aptly-named ‘Clowns’ –  it is now feared that the craze has taken a threatening turn.

Same name, different kind of menace.

However, one Cambridge resident has quite literally hit back at the killer clown faze, after punching a particularly menacing harlequin in the face.

The clown jumped out at the man, attempting to scare him. Having dealt with his attacker, the individual later called the police, fearing for his safety and reporting that the clown may have been holding something in his hand.

This is the first “killer clown” to be reported to the Cambridgeshire Police department.

The hallowed streets of Cambridge now face an unusual, yet nonetheless serious form of terror. More than just clowning around?