XELI-NDERELLA STORY: poem exchanged for Jesus May Ball ticket

After a week of poetic pleas for a ticket, the Tab can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that first year Xelia Mendes-Jones WILL be going to the Ball.

Cambridge committee haiku jesus jesus college May Ball poem poetry Student ticket

What’s more, she’s been asked to read out her poems. 

After weeks of trials and tribulations on the Cambridge May Ball Marketplace, first year St Catherine’s ASNAC Xelia Mendes-Jones finally won herself a ticket to Jesus May Ball.

In response to her poetic pleas (which are pushing her ever closer to BNOC-status),  the Jesus May Ball committee commented the following:

I prefer a nice haiku.

Xelia was shocked by the overwhelming responses her poems had on the group, telling The Tab that “at first it was just a short little thing for fun. It just popped into my head, and I only expected a few of my friends liked it.”

“I wasn’t expecting it to get quite so many likes, and I never thought it would become quite such a market-place sensation!”

“I have been asked several times by people in the street if  I’ve got tickets yet, which is a bit crazy.”

And Stirr’d they did.

When asked what led to the idea, Xelia responded “I just really like poetry, and thought my chances of getting a ticket were basically zero (I was never going to be able to afford outbidding a competitor) so I just decided to take the piss out of myself a bit.

“I mean I’m a thesp it’s what I like to do on a regular basis. I have no shame.”

The Jesus May Ball theme this year is ‘The Uninhabitable’. Thanks to the good will of the Jesus committee – it will not be uninhabited by Xelia.