XELI-NDERELLA STORY: poem exchanged for Jesus May Ball ticket

After a week of poetic pleas for a ticket, the Tab can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that first year Xelia Mendes-Jones WILL be going to the Ball.

Pull the udder one: King’s cows have disappeared

We know we’re milking this one

Holly Lunt – My special group

In her penultimate column, HOLLY LUNT reveals a bit about her special group, and leaves us with a riddle…

What words? English finalists struggle to answer poem that literally doesn’t exist

There were few smiley faces amongst English finalists asked to analyse a poem without any words.

Holly Lunt – Love in Cambridge

This week, HOLLY LUNT wants to talk about love, relationships, sex and poetry.

Rachel Tookey: Week 1

In RACHEL TOOKEY’s debut column, she offers us her finest musings on bridges, Sainsbury’s and the UL.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC dedicates this one to all the people which made her columns possible. No, not you.

Anna Isaac

Will ANNA ISAAC be allowed to sleep this week? Obviously not.

Anna Isaac

Mattresses everywhere this week for ANNA ISAAC.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC gets chugged into a tight spot. Learn to take a compliment, or banish the flatterers?

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC needs some lovin’. Find out why, and also where the clitoris is.

How Do I Love Thee?

MATILDA WNEK counts the ways in which the poetry anthologies being sold to misguided lovers are perfectly antithetical to romance. Let her steer you back on course with a few helpful suggestions of poems to stick in your lover’s pigeon-hole on Monday