Vox pop: How would you spend a £2 billion endowment?

We could give everyone in the whole world a Freddos and still have 1 billion spare. But Cambridge have bigger plans…

fundraising money people Students

We explored the streets of Cambridge to see how you want our uni to spend the ridiculous sum of money that Cambridge is hoping to raise, even though it already has just under £6 billion.

The problem is, not everyone wants new research facilities or conference centres, so we thought we’d make sure the student voice was being heard.

Rhys Thomson – Trinity Hall, Medicine fresher

“I’d repaint the pavements of Britain so that one side was blue and one was red. Then, we’d see how they antagonise the other or if there would be massive gang wars. Like a sort of psychological experiment.

Interesting idea from Rhys there…we’re slightly worried about the films he’s been watching…

About to pop to B&Q to buy some new Dulux paint right now

Kitty Kenyon- Selwyn, second year MML
“I’d give everyone at Cambridge enough money to go on a permanent holiday…forever. I’d go to Australia”
It is unlikely that any student will disagree with Kitty’s idea.

Stuck in Sidgwick, dreaming of Oz

Mimi Goodall- Emma, grad student in early modern history
“I’d make uni free.”
Short and sweet, but we think this is a sentiment that everyone can relate to.
Charlotte Ivers- Pembroke, History and Philosophy of Science cos that’s a thing
“Hamsters. For me. Actually, a massive hamster palace or museum with free entry for everyone.
This is a lie, I don’t like hamsters”

Wanted by the RSPCA for hatred of hamsters

Jemima Grant- Christs, MML fresher
“I’d have free food, a 24 hour buffet in my college”
Elle Shea- Robinson, 2nd year MML
“I’d build a new building, designed in the shape of a pomegranate and filled entirely with the best kitchen facilities for any student to use at any time. There’d be freezers with sizable storage, juicers, smoothie makers, a chocolate fountain, an infinite supply of fruit and vegetables and a library of recipe books. It would all be so we could actual cook decent meals at uni.”
There seems to be a common demand for more food from most of us, listen up Cambridge.

She just love pomegranates

Allan Hennessy- Fitz, Law
“I would spend two billion pounds on hammers and bulldozers to tear down the fucking establishment.”

The stylish poncho makes up for the criminal intentions

Finn McRedmond- Peterhouse, 3rd year classics
“I’d buy 2 million one penny sweets and maths lessons. Also, my college bill.”

If you want to help Finn with her finances, you can donate on her justgiving page

Karl- Robinson, 2nd year economics
“I’d replace the Cam with coffee by pumping hot water through it and lining it with the finest coffee beans. A bit like Willy Wonka. Then, we can scoop mugs of coffee on the way to lectures and supos. I bloody love coffee.”

Just standing there, dreaming about coffee while drinking it. Coffee-ception

So there you have it, senior finance people of Cambridge, this is what the student body wants. You can build all the libraries in the world, but all we need is coffee, food and hamsters.