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A Syrian teenager is fundraising to study at Cambridge

An offer-holder from the war-torn country has set up a GoFundMe page to help him afford his dream

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Jailbreak is changing – and you can sign up now

Gone are the days of shamelessly collecting money of strangers to bag a cheeky pair of flights

Pink Week 2017: ‘Putting the fun in fundraising!’

A look into one of the biggest charity events in Cambridge.

Vox pop: How would you spend a £2 billion endowment?

We could give everyone in the whole world a Freddos and still have 1 billion spare. But Cambridge have bigger plans…

Famous donors announce $25 million gift

Don’t get excited, it’s not the guy from the original 90210

Cambridge Fundraising Success

Cambridge and Oxford received a massive 45% of all donations made to universities last academic year, a study reveals.

Jailbreak 2013: As It Happened

Time’s up! Cambridge RAG Jailbreak 2013 has come to a close. But where did all the teams end up? Relive the highlights here.

Shave Yourself the Hassle

This Movember Tab Editor JONNY SINGER wants you to forget the tash and remember what’s important.

RAG At Cambridge

MADDY LAWSON introduces RAG to this year’s freshers…


Cambridge is rolling in it after raising over a billion pounds in its 800th anniversary campaign.

Cambridge Cash Crusade

Cambridge University has raised over £1 BILLION in a US-style international fund-raising campaign.