Style Stalker – Week 1

For this week’s instalment of Sidgwick Style, ANNA WHITE hunts down the best-dressed students on their way to lectures

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It’s Friday, 10 am. Yes, I have two essays I probably ought to be at least acknowledging but clinical procrastination and first-year hubris (“I can pull off a 2:1 in my Final Year – no problemo”) pointed me in the direction of the Sidgwick Site.

Nope, not to the Library, but to awkwardly jog up behind people to ask if I could take a photo of their outfit along with the staple tripartite interrogation (you know it).

By the way, I promise that I’m most likely checking out your jacket, not you. Sorry. Don’t take offence if you weren’t featured in this week’s edition, we will probably meet at some point if you strut your stuff in what you wear. And more importantly, feel free to politely tell me to piss off if The Tab limelight just isn’t for you.

Below are a few of the wonderful people I crossed paths with:

Gabby, English, Caius

I’ve always admired those who can pull off yellow. It’s such a tricky colour but when it works, it works. Particularly in this case with Gabby’s dark hair and gorgeous polar neck jumper. She claimed she was hanging from the night before, but there is no sign of that here whatsoever.

Kai, Theology, Caius

Stan Smiths, black fitted jeans and a Ralph Lauren jumper. A formula for success every time.

Fiona, Law, Trinity Hall

I absolutely love Fiona’s suede jacket on a number of levels; the flattering clinch waist, the colour, and most importantly, because it’s suede. From high-waisted skirts to shell tops, the high street is churning this fabric out like no other. The beanie and black polar neck also add a touch of winter sophistication.

Victor, History, Trinity

The quilted jacket teamed with black Air Max (my favourite trainers – can’t get enough) along the headphones exemplifies the casual but rugged look.

Cleo, HSPS, Caius (left) and Harry, History, Caius

When I first approached Cleo she thought I must have been scraping the barrel to ask her outfit to feature. I beg to differ. I rather liked her sweater along with its political agenda (Labour, in case you’re only familiar with that scribbly tree). I thought Harry’s crisp white shirt pulled together his whole ensemble.

Caius – 4

Trinity – 1

Trinity Hall – 1

Let’s see which colleges will represent in the coming weeks.