Cambridge Fashion

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How to do May Ball makeup

Be the belle of the ball with these stunning makeup looks

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The Tab Presents: LGBT+ History Month Fashion

We celebrate History Month with some of the most fashionable LGBTQIA+ students in Cambridge

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Cambridge’s Hottest Winter Wardrobes – Part 2

Temperatures are sub-zero, so we asked these fashionistas to heat things up

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I decided to make a May Ball dress and here’s what happened

Ever wondered how to make a dress from scratch?

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What to wear to Arcsoc: Penrose Palace

Believe your eyes: Arcsoc is back

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Fresh Prince of Ballare: Best Dressed at Cindies WEEK 5

It’s called FASHUN, look it up honey.

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Fresh Prince of Ballare: Best Dressed at Cindies WEEK 3

HASHTAG outfit of the night

How to dress like you have your life together

Sometimes appearance does matter

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The best of the January sales to see you through every moment of your Lent term

From rowing camp to blind dates, we’ve got you covered

The Tab’s Best Dressed on Sidgwick Site

Walk, walk fashion baby

An anthropological look at how Cambridge students dress by subject

Or, enjoy this reporter low-key indirecting people she doesn’t know too well

Is diversity in fashion possible?

It’s not just a trend

Cambridge Best Dressed: In the Rain

It might be wet outside, but these outfits are still fire

What Cambridge students wear: A fresher’s interpretation

Still clueless

Black tie doesn’t have to be a painful inconvenience this May Week

Ladies, we have endured enough. I’m here to help.

Tab Guide to etiquette: Lounge suits and dinner jackets

How to make it seem like your valet knows how to dress you.

You can’t sit with us: Churchill vs Trinity

Feel you could be more loyal to your college? Now’s the chance by casting your allegiance to your best dressed comrades

Style Stalker – Week 1

For this week’s instalment of Sidgwick Style, ANNA WHITE hunts down the best-dressed students on their way to lectures