Lonely finalist showered with champagne by sympathetic stranger

It’s like something out of a bad movie

Cambridge University celebrations champagne spraying end of exams Exams Students

Being friendless is tough. 

But having no friends to greet you with sweet, sticky Cava is even tougher.

But one lonesome finalist had their dreams come true when they were greeted with a spraying by a stranger.

Writing on Yik Yak, the anonymous student shared their warm-hearted encounter after completing their last exam.

Faith in humanity: restored

But not everyone is as excited about the traditional soakings.

An email was sent round killjoy Proctors: the University officers responsible for maintaining order and for discipline in the University.

“Over-exuberance when celebrating the end of examinations outside several of the exam venues has resulted in damage to the persons and
property of members of the public

“The Proctors will deem the throwing of any foodstuffs, including milk, flour and eggs, as an infringement of this rule wherever it takes place”

Hold off that pancake mix or you could be fined up to £175.

“‘Spraying’ (whether of water or sparkling drinks) must not take place in public streets and should be confined to colleges or to open spaces where disturbance to others is minimised and annoyance to the general public can be avoided.”

Our editor celebrating within the rules and regulations

But who cares? You’re finished!