Cambridge stays top of Student Experience Survey

Statistics, surveys, soul-destroying boredom…

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Hooray! The results are in and Cambridge maintains its high rank in this year’s Student Experience Survey. 

Content Cambridge students ranked the university with an overall score of 82.9, beating Oxford by 0.2 points.

Oxford – eat our dust

219 of us took part in the survey that also rated our community spirit, workload and whether we’d recommend our university to a friend.

Surprise, surprise – workload is the lowest

Robert Allison, vice-chancellor of Loughborough said: “We’re told these days that students are consumers or customers who demand certain things – I don’t buy into that”.

“If you call them consumers, you commodify them – I see them as partners with us on a journey.”

James MacGregor, director of YouthSight, which provides the data for THE’s Student Experience Survey said: “This year’s results reinforce how much can be achieved by those universities most committed to improving the student experience”.

“The relative stability of rankings between years highlights the remarkable gains made by a few.”

To be number one: add a fairer workload, a better students’ union and cheaper bars.