Lent Bumps: Day 3

Yet more high-paced drama

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For the third day in a row there was a change at the top of one of the top divisions in Lent bumps.

In the Women’s race Christ’s managed to bump Emmanuel to move into first in the Women’s field. This caps a remarkable bumps for the Christ’s crew who started in fourth but have bumped every day to move to the top of the pack.

Elsewhere in the W1 race Jesus moved up into third place, the Jesus crew have also had a great bumps this year and are also on course to earn blades with one day to go.

Closing in on a bump

At the bottom end of W1 there was another double bump today as Magdalene bumped Trinity Hall as the sandwich boat to move up into W1 and send Trinity Hall back down into W2. This is the highlight of a great bumps for the Magdalene boat that has moved up four spots in three days.

The crews still on for blades in W1 heading into the final day are Christ’s, Jesus, Queens and Magdalene.

Over in the Men’s race it was a slightly more boring day with each of the first four teams getting a row over. It looks like Caius will comfortably row through tomorrow to end the week in first position

The highest bump of the day came from Queens’ who bumped Lady Margaret to move into fifth place. It has not been a good week for the Lady Margaret team who has now moved from fourth to sixth in this competition.

A great day for rowing

Lower in M1 Churchill moved up into the division with a double bump today. They managed to bump Tit Hall to move up into the top division, which is a great achievement for the squad.

In the M1 division Caius, King’s, Robinson, Fitz and Churchill are all still on pace for blades, with special mention to Fitz and Churchill who have both moved up four spots in three days.

In the race for the Marconi day three was a day where Churchill pulled away from the field, with all three of the Churchill boats bumping up today they extended their points total to 32 points. They now have a commanding 14-point lead over Lucy Cav and Darwin in the competition. Baring a huge surprise tomorrow this means that Churchill will take up the Cup this year, which would be a great achievement for the College.