Lucy Cavendish

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Lucy Cavendish announces plans to admit men

It is also changing its admissions criteria to the standard age

Which political slogan is your college?

We can’t all be ‘strong and stable’

SHIT COLLEGE 2017: the far away ones

Your chance to vote on the undisputed shittiest college


Nothing wrong with a bit of negativity.

Lent Bumps: Day four

Lent Bumps: Day 3

Yet more high-paced drama

Lent Bumps: Day 2

more rowing

Newnham: Lock Up Your Door-ters

Last weekend, Newnham found a nude-man wandering about its corridors, prompting an e-mail to be sent out from the porters. HEATHER MCKAY reports.

Tompkins Table 2013: The Results

JOE WHITWELL tells you everything you need to know about this year’s Tompkins Table. Which isn’t much. It’s pretty much the same as last year.

GU Petition Reaches Magic Number

The Graduate Union plunges deeper into chaos as a vote of confidence against current president, Arsalan Ghani, receives the backing of an online petition.

James Mitchell

Old man about town JAMES MITCHELL kicks off his brand new column.

Why are so many students pooled to single sex colleges?

Why do all-girls colleges accept so many student from the pool? SAMANTHA HUNT investigates.

Sex Positions By College: Part 2

A Peterhouse? “Gay sex with a Tory MP who doesn’t believe there was really a holocaust. Yummy.” Here is Part Two.

Review: My Week in Food

Poppy Mulvaney strips back the shocking truth of formals at an all girl college.