The Tab meets Bafflesmash

LOUIS SHANKAR talks to Bafflesmash before their new sketch show at Pembroke Cellars.

Cambridge Comedy Pembroke New Cellars sketch show

So what is ‘Bafflesmash’?
It’s ‘Baffle’, because we are baffled about things; and ‘smash’, because…SMASH!

And why is the show a ‘Menagerie’?
We realised pretty quickly that we were only capable of writing sketches about animals. Now we pretend it is a purposeful theme.


The cast prepare for the show.

How did you come together as a group?

How is the show going?
The show is slowly coming together. We regularly engage in fisticuffs, but that’s okay because it’s not true.

So the rehearsals are going well?
Satisfactorily. But as they take place in the cellars of Pembroke, we lack sunlight which has sadly stunted our growth, like mice on the London Underground.


The show won’t actually be in sepia.

And how do your rehearsals usually go?
We begin every rehearsals the same way, by listening to DJ Khaled and trying to kick a football into a bin.

Of course. And what do you each do outside of comedy?
Tom is Emperor of the Cambridge Union. Natasha is a blue rugby player. Jamie is the self-proclaimed chaplain of King’s College. Orlando runs a techno-dungeon in the UL. And Rob fights for loose change.


Do you have a mantra that you all work by?
Get ripped, learn to fight and buy a gun.

And, finally, who’s going to win the 2015 general election?
Too close to call.

Bafflesmash: Menagerie is on at Pembroke New Cellars, 28th October to 1st November at 9.30 pm. Tickets available from ADC Ticketing.