sketch show

Review: ‘Detention: A Sketch Show’

Excellent comedy let down by a silly premise

REVIEW: Acting the Goat – A Sketchumentary

Beasts Gone Wild: this animalistic sketch show provides a wacky, wild and wonderful night out.

Acting Up: The ADC’s weirdest behind the scenes stories

So much drama

REVIEW: Footlights Spring Revue: Chocolate Moose

I was going to joke about how this show was highly a-moose-ing, but I wanted to retain some journalistic integrity

REVIEW: More Revelations

An imperfect but entertaining show that provides endless surprises, says Dani Cugini.

REVIEW: Footlights Presents: Xylophone

Boundless energy, slick performances and endless variety: The Footlights take us on a journey from A to Z.

REVIEW: And Then There Were Nuns

Lia Johansen-Villanueva was promised cocktails and an evening of laughter. The team behind And Then There Were Nuns delivered, and even threw in a lovely furry hat.

REVIEW: Panopticon

Hilarious, entertaining and witty – Luke had high expectations of these three experienced Footlights comedy-makers and they failed to disappoint.

REVIEW: Quinoa – A Middle Class Sketch Show

A bit like quinoa itself, this show was a hit and miss mixture of amusement, hilarity and awkwardness.

REVIEW: Toucan

Adam Woolf is in a flap over this hilarious sketch show.

REVIEW: Switch: A Sketch Show

Elliott Wright enjoyed the company of these six promising performers

TTA POLL: Comedy (Part 1)

Get voting on the first installment of the ‘comedy’ nominations.

Tab meets: Cirque De L’Extraordinaire

ARCHIE HENDERSON has an extraordinary encounter with the cast of a new sketch show

Review: Bafflesmash presents – Back in the Cellar

Absurdity, lunacy, and intelligence: presenting Bafflesmash’s second show

Democracy: A Sketch Show – Review

WILL POPPLEWELL gives this sketch show a vote of no confidence

Telly Visions: A Sketch Show – Review

Telly Visions is alright…

Alan Rickman and Maggie Smith catch up with Tab Theatre

CONSTANCE CHAPMAN interviews top impressionists from the cast of Telly Visions who have got their roles down to a tee.

Review: Booby – A Sketch Show

OWEN BRAY is impressed by this ambitious sketch show, which lives up to its high expectations.

Review: Hamlet – A Sketch Show

OLIVIA BELL is underwhelmed by this disappointing sketch show.

Tab Meets: Hamlet

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE interviews the cast of Hamlet: A Sketch Show.