Pembroke New Cellars

REVIEW: The Playboy of the Western World

An uneven but jovial production at Pembroke New Cellars


Thespian joy for Week 5 gloom

REVIEW: Babushka

All hits, no misses: the litany of wit that was Babushka.

REVIEW: Quinoa II: No Pain No Grain

Technical difficulties unfortunately handicap a talented cast, says Carine Valarche.

REVIEW: Great Expectations

Robyn Bellinger saw huge potential in Great Expectations but felt the energy was lacking.

REVIEW: Mavericks

Mavericks presents hilarious, laugh-out-loud comedy from Luisa Callander and Ruby Keane.

REVIEW: More Revelations

An imperfect but entertaining show that provides endless surprises, says Dani Cugini.

REVIEW: The Lesson

An enjoyably dark one-act play with a stunning lead. Perfect if you fancy an exploration of education and violence – outside of supervisions, that is …

REVIEW: And Then There Were Nuns

Lia Johansen-Villanueva was promised cocktails and an evening of laughter. The team behind And Then There Were Nuns delivered, and even threw in a lovely furry hat.

REVIEW: The Play’s the Thing

The Pembroke Players have crafted a flawed but undeniably fun production of an early Wodehousian gem, says Jamie P. Robson.

Sitcom: A Sitcom Review

LOUIS SHANKAR was impressed by this new writing from a group of freshers which shows promise, but doesn’t quite fulfil its potential.

The Tab meets Sitcom: A Sitcom

CONSTANCE CHAPMAN meets a group of freshers who’ve created a show with a twist.

Review: Bafflesmash presents – Back in the Cellar

Absurdity, lunacy, and intelligence: presenting Bafflesmash’s second show

The Tab meets Bafflesmash

LOUIS SHANKAR talks to Bafflesmash before their new sketch show at Pembroke Cellars.

Reservoir Dogs

JOE GOODMAN really gets into a free production of Tarantino’s classic.


This ambitious and confusing play isn’t done justice for LEYLA LESNIAREK-HAMID and CHLOE COLEMAN.

What’s On at the Theatre

JAMES MACNAMARA and FRANCESCA HILL bid you adieu with their final theatre round-up of Lent term.

What’s On At The Theatre

FRANCESCA HILL and JAMES MACNAMARA bring you news from theatreland, with plays to raise spirits and help you push on through to the end of term.

Folding Chair

A play that takes risks, but fails to make much of the emotional material by which it was inspired, writes CATHERINE ELLISTON.

Never Have I Ever

Never would EMMA HATRED ever recommend this show.