PILF of the Week: Take 2

Following last week’s braxen specimen, PILF of the week brings you a punter of great integrity with a penchant for henladies and grapes

Cambridge fit punter grapes hen party Lad Lads laides naughty PILF punter Sex wooing

Ladies and gentlemen meet Will of Magdalene Bridge.

Grounded as an ox

Grounded as an ox

How does it feel to have been honored as this week’s PILF?

Thanks for choosing me for the PILF of the week – im honoured to receive such a highly sought after accalade especially after the bar was set so high with last week’s hunk Louis.

What distinguishes you from last week’s PILF?

Well last weeks PILF covered the hipster, arty indie type of PILF where as I think im more of a traditional kind of PILF. It depends on your taste i guess.

When in your life did you realise that you were going to be a PILF?

I think I was about 16 when I realised I was well on the way to becoming a PILF – I have never looked back since.

Knitwear to perfection, distant yet intimate

Knitwear to perfection, distant yet intimate

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done on a punt?

I have taken a hen party punting and been fed grapes by one member as another undid my fly with her teeth. No one involved was wearing an awful lot at the time much to the joy of onlookers on Magdalene bridge.

We are now approaching winter – how does the role of a PILF change when temperatures drop and what do you do to keep warm?

The industry does lose its glamour over the winter months as tans start to fade but regular trips to the wine merchants for their mulled wine keeps the hands warm and the charm flowing.

What will you do if your first born son doesn’t turn out to be a PILF?

If my first born son really is my true son with half of my genes, then there is no doubt he will become a PILF like his father.

What is the opposite of a PILF and would it ever sell punts?

The opposite of a pilf would have to be a Kings College porter – dissuading people from seeing the colleges in an un-charming and serious fashion whilst offering no eye candy whatsoever. I think they’d probably prefer to let a herd of buffalo run over the grass infront of kings than sell punt tours.

Side-lit and fancy-free

Side-lit and fancy-free

Will is also the proud president of PILF drinking society Fluvio Rattus Grex. To be contacted for ebbs and flows of all natures.