Fuck Cambridge lad culture – tits, bevs and banter belong in the past

Let’s bury lad culture with the ghost of first term

JOHN’S BOYS EXPOSED: “Fine if you’ve tried having sex with a passed out girl”

Accusations of an “old school, elitist Cambridge” culture are rocking the college

Capitalism makes us sexist and insecure

And it does so to distract us from what’s important.

PILF of the Week: Take 2

Following last week’s braxen specimen, PILF of the week brings you a punter of great integrity with a penchant for henladies and grapes

Good Heavens! Jesus Porters Spy on One Night Stands

Ooh porter! College authorities at Jesus are busting students who don’t sign in their hook-ups

How To Survive Outside of The Cambridge Bubble

Christmas fast approaching, the sturdy haven of Cambridge will again soon shatter into the horrors of The Real World. Here’s how to shake off those red trousers and survive outside the bubble…

Further Confessions Of A Fucked Up Fresher

TONY HARCOURT, of Fucked Up Fresher Fame, returns with the dark tale of his first swap…

Going Sober: Ten Days T-total

Cindies without VK’s? Life without Vodka-Red Bulls? POPPY DAMON embarks on a spiritual journey…

Christmas-thighs, mistle-boobs and pies: time to shape up!

Ashamed to show your fat arse when dropping the soap in the showers? KATIE MAIR show you how to shape up around Cambridge.

Uncle A: Being A Lad

UNCLE A gives his advice for organising swaps and being a massive lad.

‘I Love College’: The Drinking Game

Get a plentiful supply of your chosen tipple, spread a tarpaulin across your chosen drinking arena, and let KATIE MAIR teach you how to play the I Love College drinking game.

Cambridge Grad’s Cricketing Fraud

A Cambridge Graduate is sacked by Worcestershire after it turns out he is not quite all he appears to be.

Will Seymour

WILL SEYMOUR begins his series of columns with an indiscriminate plea for ‘The One’

Toilet Confessions: Ladies’ Night

Ever wondered what girls talk about in the toilet? KATIE MAIR camped out in a Cindies cubicle to find out…

Hardy Cubasch

HARDY CUBASCH recounts the ‘endless miles spent for tiny incremental gains’ after his toughest two weeks yet

Uncle A: The Art of Dating

Hamishtheamish1008 is BACK! Uncle A contends with the repercussions of last week’s advice.

Ladette to Lady?

Newnham Principal Dame Patricia Hodgson slammed the ‘ladette culture’ last week; KATIE MAIR slams her misconception of today’s young women.

How To Get Into A Drinking Society

Not cool enough to be initiated but desperate to join the drinking society elite? Let GEORGE JOHNSTON and GEORGE LAMB help you out.

Declan Clancy

“The boys’ group shopping trip is just not something I can comprehend. Meet at 10 for a skinny mocha gluten free decaf extra shot of oestrogen frappuccino.”

Sporting Lads

Featuring porn stars, pedalos and olympic condoms.