‘I Love College’: The Drinking Game

Get a plentiful supply of your chosen tipple, spread a tarpaulin across your chosen drinking arena, and let KATIE MAIR teach you how to play the I Love College drinking game.

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Whether it’s rounders or musical chairs, everyone loves a bit of organised fun. We’ve all done Never Have I Ever, Ring of Fire, and The Royal Wedding Drinking Game (lol jk, that was just a shameless excuse to link you to a previous article). But where’s the fun in revisiting the same old, time and again? It’s a new year, and the perfect time to plunge into previously unexplored depths (or sink to new lows), and there’s no better way to honour this adventurous sentiment than by experimenting with an all-new drinking game. Read on to learn how to get lots of drinks into your body very quickly, while also pretending that rather than missing your mum and wanting to sleep for ever and ever, you’re actually bloody loving college right now.

This game is played to the Asher Roth song, I Love College, so get listening.


Spread a tarpaulin across your chosen drinking arena. You will need a plentiful supply of your chosen tipple.

Every time Roth is spotted holding a blue cup, you must honour Cambridge’s sportsmen/women by shouting ‘HAWKS CLUB!’ Last person to do so has been ‘dicked on by Oxford’, and must finish their drink.

When Roth says ‘drink’, its past participle, or any of its derivatives, funnily enough, you must drink. He might say ‘wasted’. Drink then, too.

When he says ‘pass out’, you must pass your cup to your left and receive one from your right. This is now your cup. Do not let anyone with glandular fever play this game.

When he says ‘man’, you must find the nearest human male, and make physical contact with him. Last person to do so must drink. The same goes for ‘girl’ or ‘woman’.

Everytime Roth says ‘um’, ‘uhh’, drops a cheeky giggle, drawls a dodgy rhyme (‘champion’ with ‘beer-pong’, for example), or in any way suggests that he is more adept at lazy chatting than proper rapping, the first person to shout ‘SHIT CHAT’ gets to invent a new rule. It can be anything; everyone has to down their drinks, take off their clothes, do a little dance, whatever! Go wild.

When Roth says ‘naked’, or you see someone remove some clothing in the video, you must liberate an aspect of your outfit and put it in the ‘dressing up box’. Every time a giant animal appears in the video, you must select an item of clothing from said box and stick it on, and the last person to do so, of course, drinks.

When Roth says ‘I Love College’, pause the track. Go around the circle and each name a different college. If someone hesitates, repeats a college from this cycle, or a previous round, or names a made-up place, they take two fingers. Of their drink.

When Roth says ‘fill up my cup’, everyone must drain their goblet and refill it to the top.

Towards the end of the song, Roth will request that everyone ‘do suttin’ crazy’. All stand up. Thrust your cup into the air and throw your pride in the bin. Roth will say this four times. After each repetition you must perform an appropriately insane piece of japery. Be imaginative. Nudity is wild, but so is reciting pi to 98 decimal places. We’re at Cambridge. Exploit it.

Roth will then repeat the word ‘fresh-man’ four times. After each repetition you must name a fresher who is a notoriously prolific puller. Everyone who has enjoyed a tongue party with the person in question must take a mouthful of their drink.