Hardy Cubasch
St. Edmund's, Land Economy Hardy represented Australia at junior, U23 and senior level, and become the national schoolboy champion in 1998. The Tab first met Hardy in his January 2010 'Boat Race Diary', where one reader called him "such a crumb". In an attempt to find out exactly what that means, The Tab have given Hardy a weekly column.

The Boat Race 2013: Preview

Tab old hand HARDY CUBASCH returns with some final words before this afternoon’s crucial clash.

Hardy Cubasch

HARDY CUBASCH captures the mood in the Light Blue camp, with just one day to go. Read him exclusively in The Tab.

Hardy Cubasch

HARDY CUBASCH’s life’s suddenly got glamorous as the Boat Race draws nearer and the world is informed of the lucky 9 who’ll be racing in front of millions in 18 days time.

Hardy Cubasch

HARDY CUBASCH is your wingman in this week’s column, with five Boathouse bachelors to get your heart boat-racing

Hardy Cubasch

HARDY CUBASCH recounts the ‘endless miles spent for tiny incremental gains’ after his toughest two weeks yet

Hardy Cubasch

HARDY CUBASCH continues his countdown to the big day with a look what is for some people the first really important day of the year: CUBC trials

Hardy Cubasch

‘Over the coming eight weeks I will try and delve deep into the inner workings of the CUBC and see what it is that really occurs within the squad, as we prepare to do battle on Saturday 26th March… 58 days to go.’

Hardy’s Boat Race Diary: Week 6

HARDY CUBASCH shares his thoughts on this week’s announcement of the Boat-Race line-up.

Hardy’s Boat Race Diary: Week 5

So who was voted the most eligible Blues rower?

Hardy’s Boat Race Diary: Week 4

HARDY CUBASCH takes the time to introduce you to some of CUBC’s most eligible bachelors…

Hardy’s Boat Race Diary: Week 3

HARDY CUBASCH: “Tension levels are high. After each session small cliques form to predict what is occurring, what the coaches are thinking.”

Hardy’s Boat Race Diary: Week 2

Follow the build up to the Boat Race with Hardy Cubasch’s blog exclusively on The Tab.